Friday afternoon, say around four thirty, the light’s going down, just a quick walk up from Sneinton market, I want to say hello to a few businesses. Half an hour in Hockley.

Classical CD, Montana,  Dilk, they opened eight years ago,  November 1st 2008. Lee Holmes from Lee Holmes, Tracy Neale, Paramount Pictures, Jam Cafe where I met Fran Hess, Actor, Jet Desai at  Instaprint, Cafe Hockley, Aga (who has a great cleaning business) and Giovanni , Connie from  Kelly Student Lettings, Steve Edwards and Paul Harrison photographers film makers, Gee Dee Models, Recovery.

Pictured ‘Locked in Your Prison’ by Dilk of Montana from his retrospective at the Lace Market Gallery, Climbing Wall at H3Performance, and a world within a world on a piece of chewing gum by Ben Wilson.


People in their fifties listen to writer Alan Bennett  who talks about starting to jot things that meant something to him from 1965 onwards..Here’s Dilk in front of his diaries


and you can see Dilk and Feros here: