You feel it’s yours, that you’ve contributed to it: the work is all the things you’ve ever thought, felt, aspired, wondered about. It’s a real grown up space where people explore the big questions as if its normal to do so.  That’s great and unusual in Nottingham and why visiting Syson gallery is something everyone should do because in the artists they present you will always see, notice, recognise, the Nottingham you live, have lived, experienced but it’s a Nottingham taken to a different place. A place of infinite possibility, that touches moments of the local scene, local place, local history either in the work or in the detailed research that goes with each exhibition.

And that’s a gift: a gift in the genius of Jennie Syson to know Nottingham culture, history, people well enough to be able to bring rising artists into a space that is grounded in local creative collaborative production. Jennie Syson and Syson Gallery is why rising artists in Nottingham stay after graduation, why if they leave they return and why if they’ve always been here they feel there’s a highly experienced and educated  art as a business woman who is completely invested into growing an environment where the big questions about what it’s like to live, work, love and struggle in the 21st century can be phrased with elegance and often breathtaking beauty in a local gallery. Three of the recently featured four artists live and work in Nottingham, practically developing this collaborative environment.

The artist’s books that accompany exhibitions are co produced and printed by local printers. The current exhibition Revelations is supported by a beautiful book . Take a look at the website, drop into the gallery.  Join the gallery as a friend, member supporter. The exhibition  Revelations runs from 14th October -11th December 2016 and the gallery is open 12-5 Wednesday – Saturday and bookable for events 07919 155429