Spirit of the Meet up in Working Life: Minor Oak, Cobden Chambers and Antenna: that’s co working for you

Collaboration is a spirit that has woven its way into the development of people, projects and businesses in Nottingham since the second world war. It’s invisible and essential: it’s behind  and in front of us but we can’t quite catch what it is and what it can give us.

All businesses have to collaborate to succeed: the difference now is that we need  working spaces that are light on management: we need places where great work can happen, great connections can be formed, where the new and the old can inform each other and communicate.

This is what Dee Miller is doing at Minor Oak in Sneinton Market 4 Gedling St 2-12 Avenue A, Sneinton Market, NG1 1DS

Members List

Dee Miller, Craig Brown, Joe Hendley, Isi Dixon, Mark Hillary, Victoria McDonagh and Nick Hayward
Proprietor Dee:
Set up and refurbished a Sneinton Market Unit last year to make it the first purpose made co working space in Nottingham city centre. With degrees in architecture and civil engineering Dee was a licensed engineer in Ontario, moving to Nottingham with her scientist partner. Dee has worked in building design, evaluation, and regulation in the US and Canada before moving to the UK in 2010.
Now freelance: building, course design and writer.
Craig Brown
Software Architect
Craig is a  software consultant/solution architect, typically engaged by large manufacturers, distributors and retailers. My objective is to design solutions that either automate business processes or seamlessly augment human effort and decision making.
Joe Hendley
Team Development Consultant
Utilising Lumina Learning’s Spark tool, Joe builds personality portraits, exploring their communication and behavioural preferences. This can be used for self-knowledge or as a foundation to help individuals and teams develop their sales and/or leadership roles.
Isi Dixon
Business blogging expert
Isi helps small business owners come to grips with their content marketing and online marketing technology. With a background in marketing and adult education she has a wide range of understanding and knowledge.
Mark Hillary
Project Manager and Teacher
Specialising in change management in Social Housing. Set up a Housing consultancy business in 2010 to carry out service reviews, training and interim management. Uses Lean Six Sigma techniques to improve customer experience, teaches Social Housing and works with Apprentices and NVQ candidates. Summer 2017, trekking across Iceland for Shelter
Nick Hayward
Website Designer/Developer
I own FCS Websites, who specialise in WordPress sites for small business and charities in Nottingham and beyond. We also offer ecommerce websites and eco powered web hosting. I’ve recently been working remotely from Thailand and Bali, discovered co-working and now have the travel bug!

Victoria McDonagh

Content Marketing Consultant
Content Marketing Consultant. Combines writing and digital marketing. Provides a range of content focused services for clients from blog writing to email marketing


To be healthy and happier we need balance between the inside and the outside. The desk work and what’s going on outside, what’s happening in the community and how we can connect with it, collaborate with it, make our contribution and feel satisfied. Existing small to medium businesses need to be refreshed with news about new ideas, new people. New people need to understand what’s happened before, how they can contribute.

60,000 people are working as as sole traders, consultants, or are working from home in Nottinghamshire. 60,000. As ordinary people we don’t know where these businesses are and rely on the internet, works of mouth or the normal day to day to find out what’s new.

Co working spaces bring these skilled and expert people into your every day life. Vibrant, interesting, or just ordinary and plain boring, they’re people like you and me who want to do something worthwhile and different.

If there are spaces where skills, experts, new ways of thinking are located in your working or home neighbourhood then that’s got to be a good thing because you have the opportunity to meet them, introduce yourself and what you do.

Existing knowledgeable and experienced businesses need to know where this expertise is. So if you’re a business in Sneinton Market you can also meet the new business people and develop your business, the  Minor Oak co working space in Sneinton Market needs the businesses and people in the area to come in and find out what the vision is!

If you’re in the centre of town you can also connect to Cobden Chambers and Cobden Place. on Pelham street which is surrounded by  the independent and creative retailing of Hockley, Lace Market and its sharing of space history.

There’s a real benefit when you work alone of a space that is yours as often or as little as your work dictates, among other professional, competent and supportive people who want their business (and yours) to succeed.


Antenna was the first co working space for gaming and digital small businesses: the person who can advise you about working there is Ian Lockwood, guru of all that is digital, setter up of many fantastic small business initiatives such as the meet up: Drink Digital Ian has been involved in delivering and developing training courses in web development and online marketing for many years and enjoys assisting tech innovation in business.


The development of the meet up is encouraging more people to expect a really good space to work in. The best way to find out about these new spaces is to visit them and talk to the people who want to help you reach your goals!

Cobden Place Pelham Street part of Cobden Chambers Co Working spaces Brilliant ideas brought to life in Nottingham.

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 09.24.27

Co Working Space at Cobden Chambers Pelham Street.


8 thoughts on “Spirit of the Meet up in Working Life: Minor Oak, Cobden Chambers and Antenna: that’s co working for you

  1. Thanks for this, Paula! I’ve just been talking with Jim Shorthose, and he was telling me how the Broadway Bar was/is perhaps Nottingham’s proto-coworking space. And Long Eaton Hub is another local independent business. They’re less focused on hotdesking, more focused on gathering a community of start-ups in an affordable network of small office spaces.


  2. for some reason, the predictive text defaulted to cowering, rather than co-working. The post I wanted to write was:
    ’d like to write more about what people understand about cowering, who are the co workers in Nottingham, what do they have to say about this way of working. What difference does having a space that’s yours with others to the quality of their working day and work?


  3. I’d like to write more about what people understand about cowering, who are the co workers in Nottingham, what do they have to say about this way of working. What difference does having a space that’s yours with others to the quality of their working day and work?


  4. In this post I want to communicate across the barriers I see between the small business and the vibrant online, networking communities and meet ups in Nottingham.

    There’s a virtual world that we’re all contributing to and there’s the physical world, places, locations, news, activities, events, that is outside, on our doorsteps, in our neighbourhoods. We need to connect the two more.


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