Last night an idea stole my heart. It crept up on me. It was only a meeting of the new Civic Exchange supported by the RSA, NTU  but there were  roughly sixty people there professional people, students, teachers and academics who all want to be part of a vision for change in Nottingham. I work with micro businesses and just by coincidence am working on connecting the idea of encouraging people to wonder how they can improve the streets, pavements, shop signs around them. So it was right up my street.

Why can’t we, for example, have paving slabs like this in our vision?  I snapped them at Nottingham Contemporary Otobong Nkanga’s exhibition: ‘The Encounter that Took a Part of Me’. How can we create encounters where we don’t, as Jackie Alexander of Nottingham Police remarked in her talk: ” We don’t feel Robbed?”

I hadn’t realised how many other people also want to do something, who want to evolve their intellectual capital, knowledge and skills.  I know this through my work in marketing because I’ve become conscious of wanting to be able to respond to people in the now, to connect with them, say yes, I hear you, I understand what you mean. To me that’s co-production when you share meaning and value and you know that living is a shared enterprise. That’s what Dee Miller is doing at Minor Oak I thought. That’s what Jennie Syson has done and continues to facilitate through Syson gallery. When you begin to look you realise how many people want to help others achieve the best they can here.

People at every level who recognise that if one person is excluded we’ve got more work to do to know to understand to make things work for more people more of the time. Thanks to all of you.

Less Joint Enterprise, more Shared Enterprise.