Christmas Presence: Avenue BC Shop for Makers managed by the fantastic Rosie Kemp of BDENGLASS

Aren’t they lovely! And Rosie, glass artist, is bringing her amazing gifts to the wonderful new Sneinton Market shop, recruiting and welcoming makers, artists, designers and printers from all over Nottingham.  She will also soon have her studio in the shop.

Every creative maker I know says: ‘We would love this, we need this, I want to build my business, I need a place for my work to grow, for my business to grow…’ well ladies and gentlemen, here is the news, the Nottingham Christmas Lights are Wednesday …..(Experience Nottm and the council have a map and an app about the walk around the Market Square) and now we can add a new Christmas and special gift shop AVENUE BC SHOP to your walk.

Rosie is mananaging the shop and has a clear vision of what makers need to develop their presence and customers. Do pop in and talk to her, she will really help you. Call Rosie 07969 555283 and start to build your business today.

Rosie’s work at university was a glass bead project based on chatelaines and the very beautiful idea of turning the decorative chains that women wore on belts into glass beads is mind boggling. She has always felt connected to the idea of adornment and decoration as something primal yet part of now.  She says glass work is a way of expressing that respect for history and making and you can see that density in the work below:

Also in Avenue B C Shop is the glass bead work of Phoebe Shackleton (see below), and some really lovely t shirt and plate work. The mix is evolving and developing. Phoebe’s parents, Martin and Sue are Makers, (her mum taught her glass work) and her dad’s a ceramicist. Perhaps it’s this heritage that brought out the Louise Bourgeois in her business card: a very beautiful spider:

We wish the shop a fantastic future, where makers and future shakers from all over Nottingham commune, collaborate and take their businesses to the next level.

The beautiful work of Helena Tyce and Sarah Manton belongs here and so do you….

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  1. I’ve just spoken to Lucy Alderson who is the Property Manager at the Sneinton Market Creative Quarter. She said the opening of the shop went brilliantly. I wish I’d been able to be there but work commitments in a different city prevented it!


  2. In this article I’ve featured Rosie Kemp of BDEN Glass, Phoebe Shackleton Trevor, Helena Tyce and Sarah Manton. There are many more people who are selling from the shop, who will be featured shortly.


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