Mary Sewell: painter

The journey of an artist is always an interesting one and Mary Sewell, now based at co-op Portland Works in Sheffield, produces beautiful abstracts from word, print, paint and photography like Seed: 

I’m very interested in art and artists. Seed is a poetic document through photography and print, word and image of what being at Portland Works means now and then how heritage comes to mean something to the artist. This is accomplished.

I’ve followed Mary on facebook, the Portland Works website  and her blog, since my daughter became involved and wrote an action research PHD on the campaign to save the Works after the landlord wanted to sell it.



You can see more of Mary’s work here

‘My grandmother was born in Nottingham. She lived in the centre: Arboretum Street and worked in a stocking factory.  She was married in Nottingham to my granddad who was in the Royal Navy, so they moved away soon after they were married in the early 30’s.

Her dad, my great grandfather, looked after horses for one of the lace making factories.

Also one of my nieces went to Nottingham University and my Nephew went to Nottingham Trent. My brother in law was born in Nottingham and his father worked for Players cigarettes.

I can’t believe how many links to Nottingham I have!



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