Sneinton is for all of us: let’s hear more stories from more lives more of the time

Featured image: Suzannah Bedford Creative Director of Renewal Trust

Here’s a map of the places people who live and work in Sneinton made in 2011 about the places they love and the places they wanted to improve. Alchemy is a project that values people, their neighbourhoods and their views.  The Sneinton Vision:

1: The best and worst bits of Sneinton.
2: Hopes of Sneinton people for the future of their neighbourhood
3: How everyone fits in
4: How Sneinton develops jobs, homes, opportunities in the future
5: What local people really feel, think, hopescreen-shot-2017-02-26-at-16-40-06

There are some great stories overlooking Sneinton square.

Jez Kearney of H3Performance is a Nottingham treasure. Now based in Sneinton on Longden street, Jez is pure gold. Minted by his mum, a phenomenally hard working single parent, scholarship to the London School of Contemporary Dance in the culturally dynamic early 80’s, returning to work with his family on the phenomenal community dance centre Hoofers in the 80’s 90’s (the first Hoofer’s gym was also next the the famous and very successful Nottingham and District Racial Equality Council 67, Lower Parliament St,  and where the new  teaching, thinking and leisure space for Nottingham Trent University will be, where Confetti business centre is now).

The first Hoofers used to run summer workshops for children, as well as dance classes of all kinds…..connecting dancers, nationally and internationally, really, like many wonderful people and organisations, doing what they do everyday preparing the ground very well for Dance 4. Hoofers moved  on into the Victoria Centre and now they’re in Sneinton, called H3 Performance).

Jez is a Nottingham person, highly creative (he’s a drummer)… a really important part of Nottingham’s business history that shouldn’t be overlooked.

All the businesses in Sneinton, people who know Sneinton, people whose parents, grandparents live here, or moved here. Fill in the pieces of the jigsaw..Nottingham’s a Unesco city of literature now… matter.

Between Saturday 4th – Saturday 18th March 2017 you can bring your images, stories, memorabilia,  to the project which is based at Unit 5 Sneinton Market between 9am -3pm. Caravan will be nearby at the Veggies Vegan Market  Open: Tuesday to Saturday 11am – 4pm. Closed Sunday 6th and Monday 7th, Sunday 13th Monday 14th

It’s called the Sneinton Pride of Place Project and it’s run and funded (by the government via the Renewal Trust) Nelson Street NG1 1DR The project is for everything Sneinton: so arts, crafts, photographs, film, memorabilia, stories, poems, books and objects.

Caravan Gallery starts at Sneinton Market’s Vegan Market on Saturday 4th March 9am-3pm.

During the project period 5th -18th March Caravan Gallery will travel around Sneinton
Green’s Mill and Science Centre on Sunday 5th March from 10am-4pm. •

At Hermitage Square, Sneinton on Wednesday 15th March from 11am-5pm

Launch Event: Saturday 4th March, 9am – 3pm-3pm-5pm

at the Vegan Market, Sneinton Market Square NG1 1DS

Secret Location on Saturday 11th March – to be revealed at a later date

Sneinton Market, Saturday 18th March, 9am-1pm

The final celebration event will take place at Unit 5, Sneinton Market Avenues on Saturday 18th March, from 1pm til 4pm.

Do you or anyone you know take local photographs? Or have you some great family photos of an older Sneinton?

Is there a  Francis Frith on your doorstep or in the family background? Francis Frith, born in Chesterfield, was someone who really followed the potential of photography, using some of the first cameras  to document 7000 towns and villages between 1860 and 1970.

Suzannah Bedford, Creative Director of Renewal Trust explained to the Creative Quarter news bulletin:
“The Caravan Gallery will encourage local people to create a  “visitor information centre and exhibition, the idea to bring a a real festival feel to Sneinton and draw as broad a range of local people – their families, children, even their pets.”

The Caravan Gallery has toured  arts venues and festivals around the world it’s been booked to come to Sneinton – to support The Sneinton Pride of Place Project in March 2017 – an art show at Sneinton Market by and for local people.

Using a 1960s caravan, The Gallery in a van will visit Sneinton with an exhibition of photographs from all over the UK, as well as Nottingham and Sneinton, to attract people’s curiosity and encourage them to contribute to the People’s Exhibition

This exhibition, a richer view of Sneinton past, present and future will explore people’s connection to the local area. Visitors will be invited to add their thoughts, memories and observations to a large hand drawn map – The People’s Map of Sneinton – and fill in a  survey which will be richer than the usual kind.

The photography exhibition will be at Sneinton Market Avenues, The drop-off point, gallery and project hub will be at Unit 5, Sneinton Market Avenues, open Tuesday-Saturday from 11am-4pm from 28th February to 24th March.

The project will kick off with a launch event at Unit 5, Sneinton Market Avenues and will finish by exhibiting the  map and contributions gathered during The Caravan Gallery’s stay.

(It may result in a booklet and/or one of the £15 books that Caravan regularly produce for their projects across the world…… More local books please…Ross Bradshaw, I’ll buy them)

Caravan Gallery is a collaboration between artists and photographers, Jan Williams and Chris Teasdale, to document the reality and surreality of the way we live today by arriving on the doorstep of an area and seeing what might happen: a bit like migrant groups and people but with a warmer welcome …..

“We use colour photography to create accessible but thought-provoking images

reveal overlooked aspects of everyday life.”

Since setting up in 2000, Caravan Gallery has travelled thousands of miles and exhibited in hundreds of locations in the UK and abroad, equally at home exhibiting in a shopping centre car park or a prestigious arts venue.

“Bringing The Caravan Gallery to Sneinton is a great way to reach more people and help people in Sneinton to create an exhibition about Sneinton, by and for them”.


To find out more about the project please call Suzannah Bedford, Creative Director, The Renewal Trust on 0115 911 2226 or email


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  1. This was a really interesting afternoon, talking to people in the businesses around Sneinton Market, thank you to Lorell Hunter of Nottingham City Council (Victoria Baths), Kerry Bishop, florist (and her colleague) of Lymns, Richard Pullman and Paul Dexter of Austins Carpets, Phoebe Gailey and Giv of Fish and Chips in the Bath (Inn), Vouris Henry who said her daughter was interested in history, Cengiz Polat of Furniture Market……


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