Fine Design From Textile Innovator Marja Hämäläinen

Featured Image from the Thrive Collection (more information at Marja’s Portfolio

Marja Hämäläinen is a Finnish artist and surface pattern designer that I met at Minor Oak, the new co-working space in Sneinton. I was immediately taken by the beauty and variety of her designs and thought of Liberty in London.

Wow! These are really lovely.

A real artist, scientist in her methodical, logical and creative approach, she creates vibrant, contemporary, often otherworldly, art work using a variety of media.

Marja is self–taught and has been creating art in different forms throughout her life. Her work is shaped by a vivid dream life, exposure to different cultures and an interest in science and nature.

Her creative process involves developing a concept, interpreting it with combinations of photography, painting, drawing and digital manipulation, then transforming it into a print-ready file.

Her industry background is in home textile, fashion accessory design and manufacture. In 2011 she began to learn surface design and later set up Blueberry Room to sell her designs internationally.  Marja lives and works in Nottingham: 07858824972

Marja can offer expertise in surface pattern design as well as a full range of art services.

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  1. Marja is a unique talent I think because of her method she is able to ‘find’ a range of possibilities that release a feeling of connection and calm. I’ve never seen such attention to design and think she’s fantastic.


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