Primarily: It’s About Colour: Art And Growing: More Than 57 Varieties of Life

Primary is an idea and a practice: future work and play today, for more people, more of the time.


It’s an art gallery but also a workplace and space for new businesses to be welcomed for publicising hope and getting people involved in their own lives.


The problem we have now is that people are often unable to live and work in the way that makes them happy, enables them to have good relationships with their parents, their children, their neighbours, their friends. Everyone.

Like R-Urban in Paris, making and growing in a more local way:

Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 11.07.53

I keep an eye on their website: their in-house bakery, run by Kimberley Bell won a place in the  Food and Farming awards:

Small Food Bakery (Nottingham)

The bakery, in Primary Studios in Nottingham makes high quality products using local, seasonal ingredients. They support the Real Bread Campaign and their bread carries The Real Bread Loaf Mark meaning that loaves are made without artificial additives. You can order on their facebook page

Primary was set up by Nottingham Studios Ltd, in 2012, a not-for-profit organisation established as a registered charity (in 2009) with planning and support from Nottingham City Council, Arts Council England and Foyle Foundation. Primary has transformed from a school, then a ballet studio into a new cultural resource.  The thirty artists in primary are full of working beans and productivity alongside using flexible project spaces (both within and outside the building) and have a great relationship with Nottingham.

They’re recently launched ‘Grow Me A Colour’ where they can watch and develop the evolution of plants and flowers into pigments. This is fantastic. I keep flowers, pick lavender all the time and had so many petals that I decided to make my own pigments.

Using good old You Tube I learnt to boil the flower petals down. I had lots of petals, flowers I’d picked, flowers from gifts, petals from walks.  Being busy I left them in the glasses, jars and one in a goblet for weeks.

And this is what happened: the liquid must have bubbled up and then crystallised on the glasses and jars I used…just wow! Life is amazing.