The Heart of Christmas is the happiness you can generate: Candice, Owen, Margaret, Rose, Lauren, Karen, Karen, Veronica, Artisan Sausage Roll, Craig, Karen, Chanel Inspired Cards

Candice Fernandez and Owen McCarthy have been energetically promoting Robin Hood Energy, our local, not for profit, gas and electricity supplier. 0800 030 4567

Margaret Brooks and Rose Allbone (sisters) love Debenhams, the way you can move around the store without hassle is the number one selling point. I agree with them and think their cafe on the third floor is a gem, the light, airy, well proportioned space and the outlook across the square is unmatched in Nottingham.

Craig Poynter is a wonderful artisan baker who’s just opened The Bakehouse 631- 633 Mansfield Road, Lauren Simpson Product Designer and creator of Fashion brand ARoyalKin and Karen Hawey Psychology Graduate are serving tables with vision and a smile.

Veronica Barnes of the Blue Mountain Women is a designer maker, of bags and cards,  as is Karen Smith. They’ve been nurtured by Karen Taylor of The Textile Workshop

What you realise when you back and forth in and out of the city, is how interdependent our  economy and histories are. The tradition of making joins people from every background and generation and keeps the conversation going.