Eon Lunchtime, Max and Alisha, Hilton Concierge Michael Brady

max-and-alisha-lunchtie-eonLate lunch from Eon for Max and Alisha who’d love it it there was less traffic in the city….this is echoed by Hilton concierge Michael Brady

Michael Brady Hilton Nottingham Concierge

who feels that although things have improved recently more could be done so that traffic can smoothly come and go from the hotel. Although he was excited by the Nottingham Ice Bar (staff work for twenty minutes at a time) he was also interested in rumours that Milton Street is going to be precincted! Now that might be interesting.

Below you can see the stats from Notts TV on motoring fines:


Traffic causes stress and pollution in the city centre. Let’s try and make the city a shopping and socialising refuge from pollution and cortisol!