The art of photography is in the detail: new ways of seeing: Martyn Williams Photography

One of the problems all towns, cities and rural areas have at them moment is that building and development, although a great thing, can also be a problem for  local people, even local creative people as it can seem sometimes as if it’s all gone too corporate, everything is bland and the same. This is true locally, regionally, nationally and internationally and it’s a signal to people to find new routes to express themselves and their unique response to the local environment. We need a rich culture.

Here in Nottingham we have a real push to support and develop ingenuity, creativity and innovation. There’s a developing platform for people of all backgrounds to develop skills and a personal vision in their work and a growing market for art and work that welcomes people home to Nottingham in a sophisticated and elegant way that says ‘Yes this is Nottingham, this is the land of Robin Hood but it’s also a really interesting and diverse landscape of industry, commerce, residential and countryside that when you look carefully and look slowly, is as inspiring as anywhere in the world’.

When you look at the photography of Martyn Williams you realise that there’s a kind of slow burning awareness of the photographer’s view, you follow his ordinary, everyday walk along the river for example, with a sense that something really special is going to happen.

Above River Trent and Extraordinary Trees

In this work you almost feel that you’re looking at paintings, that every element has been considered with a respect for its power and resonance. When people talk about photography as ‘painting with light’ I can see that and more in Martyn Williams work, almost a sense of connection with the living and dynamic elements of his compositional process which is quite extraordinary. Martyn Williams Photography is an exciting example of new, local work of the very highest quality  produced in the day to day buzz of Nottingham. Just great.


Martyn Williams can be contacted on Twitter @stockphotoman