Glowing lights wrapped inside deep darkness: looking at the inspiration of Pat Murray, Newark Artist

Pat Murray, the daughter of a talented botanist, was brought up in West Bridgford, trained and worked in London, then, as you do, returned to Nottingham, married Andy, another artist with a fine eye and had two children who are now pursuing careers in Dance and Science.

Pat and Andy now live in Newark and you can see how being able to work and walk and converse in an historic and yet urban environment has enabled her to keep alive the sense of inner and outer worlds. You feel movement and memory in her work, respect yet challenge of line, form, boundary and colour. She grasps the timelessness of everything that’s under the surface of life: it’s exciting to watch the journey of her work evolve.

This week at St Marks Place in Newark (just off the market place in the centre):


Pat is exhibiting with the Newark Art Club this week and it’s really worth hopping on a train and spending a couple of hours in the pop up they’ve created, it’s a document of aspiration, achievement and life. Put them on your wall.

opencity: What inspires you Pat?

PM ‘Well, have a look at this image and what artist Claudiu Ramba said about it

opencity  ‘A glittering sea…..’

stardust-oceanClaudiu Ramba ‘This image is beyond beautiful – I found it somewhere last year and now I came across it again.

It makes me feel heady and light, yet crystal clear in the same time… like when you wake up in the middle of the night, when everyone is asleep and the silence is so palpable, so ‘loud’ and looking outside your window, you’re not sure if you’re awake or still dreaming. Wish I could paint that feeling, not this particular picture but that feeling of ‘glowing lights’ wrapped inside deep darkness‘.

PM ‘This is a brilliant way of describing what I’m trying to achieve, a darkness that until you go in there,  shields the light but you find the light from the darkness…’

opencity ‘I see that in your work. You start from the dark and bring in the light which is very unusual….it’s like you’re experimenting with the idea of creation in a scientific way…

PM ‘I want to communicate feeling, atmosphere….fleeting feelings…though my process is logical and, in a way, scientific. As an illustrator I had to have a real discipline: hand/eye and I was conscious that time was always running away. That’s great when you have more time to work on a painting because  it allows you to create the central dynamism of movement (it becomes second nature) to produce a pleasing composition.

opencity ‘I love your work and look forward to seeing what you produce in 2017. Thanks Pat Murray! Pat Murray can be contacted 01636 682713