A new kind of business: Wellbeing and You. Caring for the people who care for adults in Nottingham 2017



When you’re running a great business as Stephanie was, Real Quality Care,  where she slowly and carefully built up a bespoke care service for adults from all backgrounds, you can be proud of your achievements.

Coming from London to Nottingham with three young children and a project manager husband in the 90’s, for many years Stephanie studied, learned, qualified, specialising in helping small businesses secure funding working with ACE (African Caribbean Enterprise Ltd) throughout Nottingham.


Nottingham African Caribbean students at Trent 2016


After divorce and having a mum diagnosed with Alzheimer’s,  although she was one of seven caring children who really worked with their father to care for their mother, she was struck by the varying quality of care in different parts of the system and country and was driven to find out if  she could create a higher quality of home care service service that would support a person’s quality of life and well being.

Starting as a care worker, Stephanie learnt, studied and qualified so that she could create her own company Real Quality Care Ltd, a care at home service with quality workers and a quality service.

And then she had a stroke.

It was a mild stroke and she received prompt and brilliant care but she knew that although she was right to prioritise her clients care, the truth was that the visionary service, small is beautiful, was working but she hadn’t realised the impact that some many years of unrelenting effort and work had had on her own health and wellbeing.

Stroke, good word that, a stroke to make you realise that you need to think again.

So as she got better, slowly, Stephanie started by changing her eating habits, eating plenty of green vegetables, more fruit and reducing salt and sugar in her diet and drank plenty of water. She joined the YMCA gym, going twice a week and meditated most days.

Over two years she learnt about getting well, particularly working on how to overcome the post stroke fatigue. Typical of Stephanie, she also began to think about how this knowledge might benefit other people at every level who care for adults.

How could she share these insights with people who care for adults to help them care for themselves?

It was like a revelation.

Why don’t I just talk to them? Pre the stroke she had wanted to podcast about home care.

After the stroke came the idea of creating a new self care service. Over a two year period Stephanie evolved the idea of Wellbeing and You where she could podcast conversations with medical professionals, complementary therapists and carers from all walks of life. She could build workshops, resources and awareness of the importance of all round self care. Real Quality Care has become Wellbeing and You.

I was really enthused by Stephanie’s determination to learn and to share. It chimed with me when she said: “after my stroke I felt the blood crawled through my body, everything seemed to be heightened but slowed down”.

“I began to talk to doctors, nurses, holistic practitioners about what they do to improve their physical well being and realised how energising sharing things you do with others is. I found this amazing morning drink. I juice of two lemons, root ginger, cayenne, turmeric, apple cider vinegar and a dollop of honey”.

“It is heaven. I drink this and my body feels nourished”.

That made me smile because it reminded me so much about how I  gave up smoking a couple of years ago. I’d been thinking for ages that I lacked vitamin E and how when I’d taken vitamin E  capsules years ago my cravings for cigarettes seemed to diminish. Not enough then to stop but enough to leave a memory that vitamin E was good for me. So I started taking liquid vitamin E and that, combined with a realisation that no-one these days knows what goes into cigarettes or what kind of madness cigarette production finances, I’ve been able to stop.

And Stephanie is taking this journey forward with the establishment of Wellbeing and You to enable people to integrate the skills of self care into their daily routines, through life coaching, (face to face and online), workshops and group talks.

In the meantime, come and meet Stephanie and other interesting people at networking events throughout the city.You can contact Stephaniestephaniepalmerja@gmail.com 

More to follow!