Spirit of the Rooster: Chinese New Year 2017

China is a country of 1.385 billion people with at least 55 different ethnic groups. Most people are Han Chinese but the story of China is that China is stories and dreams and hopes that turn adversity into a future that you may not even have dreamed of.

The people are extraordinary.

After the 2008 Sichuan earthquake the province was rebuilt. Even though this was a World Bank project with all the difficulties associated with disaster recovery projects, such as Haiti, Katrina, it was the way crowd sourcing enabled a quick and humane response that meant recovery could happen more completely.

Li Chengpeng, “turned to his seven million Weibo followers and quickly organized a team of volunteers”. 

chose to implement the insights gained from the collaboration with the World Bank, with scientists, teachers and professionals throughout the word that has rejuvenated the infrastructure and disaster recovery and planning methods.  The learning environment is a practical blend of east and western best practice:


Unicef’s Sichuan Earthquake plan addresses issues for women and children.


The notion of disaster has been turned into projects and museum experiences that you can learn from.  Designed  by Cai Yongjie, the Wenchuan earthquake memorial museum ‘takes the form of a ruptured landscape’.screen-shot-2017-02-23-at-07-18-57

Sichuan means four rivers, (The Min, Tuo, Dadu and Funan), rivers that in the last twenty years have been cleaned and reclaimed by ecological projects both before and after the terrible earthquake of 2008.


Source Wonderful Panda Holidays

Yaan in the Sichuan province is famous for tea, starting in the Tang Dynasty (618-907)

Sichuan is famous for its tea houses




Hailuogou glacier hot springs


Image from the wonderful Shutterstock

The tea and the water it’s made with go together to produce something very special. Ecological work on the polluted rivers is dynamised by the wonderful natural water: hope springs for a better future….

Teas produced in Sichuan: green teas, dark teas, white teas

Green Teas

Xi Hu Long Jing
AnJi BaiCha
kaiHua LongDing
QianDao YuYe & QianDao YinZhen
TianMu QingDing
WuYang ChunYu
LuShan YunWu
EnShi YuLu
SongYang YinHou
ZhuJi LvJian
DuYun MaoJian
Tai Ping Hou Kui
Huangshan Mao Feng
Liuan Guapian
XinYang MaoJian
Mengding Ganlu
MaoShan QingFeng
Wu Li Qing
Wang Hai Tea
Zhu Ye Qing
Qingcheng Xueya
YongChuan XiuYa
PuJiang QueShe
Hui Ming Tea
WuZi XianHao
Jing Shan Tea
JingTing LvXue
JingAn BaiCha
Gu Zhu Zi Sun
Lao Zhu Da Fang
LiYang CuiBo
NanJing YuHua Tea
Putuo Buddha Tea
XiuNing SongLuo
Yong Xi Huo Qing
YangXian XueYa
YueXi CuiLan
Wu Yuan Ming Mei
Tun Green
TingXi LanXiang
Ziyang Cuifeng tea
Daughter Ring Green Tea
Green Peony Tea
Emerald Green Tea
Silver Ball Tea
FengGang ZnSe-Rich Tea
MeiTan CuiYa & GuiDing YunWu
GuZhang MaoJian
Nan Yue Yun Wu

Black Teas

Lapsang Souchong, 
Keemun Black Tea, 
Yunnan Black Tea
, BaiLin GongFu and TanYang GongFu, ZhengHe GongFu
 Jin Jun Mei,  Xin Yang Hong,  YiXing Black Tea
, TaiWan Gongfu YueHong GongFu,  FuLiang GongFu, 
JiuQu HongMei, HuHong GongFu, NingHong GongFu
Guan Yin Hong,  YiHong GongFu, Chuan Hong
, Jasmine Black Tea,  Osmanthus Black Tea,  Rose Black Tea, 
LaoShan Black Tea,  YingDe Black Tea,  HaiNan Black Tea, 
ZhaoPing Gongfu
, LongQuan Jin, GuanYin 
DanCong Black Tea
 GuiHong, GongFu
, Ruby Black Tea
JiuHong GongFu

Feng Huang DanCong Tea
Dancong varieties:Ba Xian and Song Zhong and Baiye
Dancong varieties:Da Wu Ye and Oriental Red & Qun Ti Xiang & Zhi Lan Xiang & Xing Ren Xiang
Dancong varieties:Osmanthus Aroma,  LaoCong ShuiXian,  Snow Flake
knowledge : growing environments of Dancong Oolong tea
Knowledge: Gong-Fu Teaism & Tea mountain

Da Hong Pao
Wuyi rock-essence tea
TieLuoHan & BaiJiGuan, ShuiJinGui,  RouGui, ShuiHsien
Varieties of WuYi Rock Tea
CheLan, AiJiao Oolong,  LaoCong ShuiXian
HuangJinGui, MeiZhan, Ginseng Oolong
BaiYa QiLan Oolong Tea
YongChun FoShou Oolong Tea
Milk Oolong tea,  Wenshan Pouchong,  DongDing Oolong
Red Water Oolong Tea
Oriental Beauty, High Mountain Tea
ZhangPing ShuiXian
Osthmanthus Oolong Tea
Black Oolong Tea

Yellow Teas

Junshan silver needle
MengDing HuangYa
HuoShan HuangYa
Mo Gan Huang Ya

And speciality teas like Panda dung teas. Pandas only digest 40% of the food they eat so their dung makes phenomenal fertiliser. Panda poo tea retails for £20,00 per 50g (does that remind anyone of the beanie babies craze (made in China) of the 1990’s?)

The tea is fertilised with panda dung. Panda enthusiast An Peishi realised it in 2011
He says he used 10 tons of panda droppings in the first four years….

Me? I think that some kind person should let the pandas drink their tea…apparently it really improves digestion!



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  1. Thanks to Notts TV https://nottstv.com/celebrate-chinese-new-year-2017-nottingham/

    for this update on Chinese New Year celebrations

    Today Thursday Feb 9th Theatre Royal Concert Hall

    The University of Nottingham’s Confucius Institute is presenting a £10 Chinese New Year Gala at Theatre Royal.

    The two-hour show will be performed by The China Ethnic Song and Dance Ensemble, which has performed in more than 70 countries.

    It will feature singers, musicians and dancers from across China.


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