August Moon Tea: everyone should try this: in spite of what’s outside there’s a different world inside


When you walk down Carlton Street you can feel a sense of business and busyness, you know that there’s a kind of microcosm here also of all that’s good and bad in the city.

August Moon Tea  brings the Tea Ceremony and wonderful teas to Nottingham.

At the bottom of Goose Gate, number 60,  the very last building on the right hand side of the road, just down from Asiana supermarket and opposite Emmanuel House, climb to the top of th

And at the top of the building that is number 60 Goose Gate you’ll find wonderful sense of past, presence and welcome. A business where the stories of people flow and intersect,  a wonderful arrival in the City of Literature.


(August Moon Tea is found at the bottom of Carlton Street at the top of the building)



Where the two intersect, a young person has created a wonderful haven of calm, heading right back into the Tang Dynasty (618-907) but you can’t see it straight away. Tea had always been used as a medicine and became more important during this period.

Drinking tea started in the Han Dynasty 221–206.

In the Tang Dynasty,  Lu Yu  a disciple of  the Master Zou Fuzi, was the major influence  over how tea could be used and developed. Following his master he produced a book which explained in detail how tea should be consumed from plantation to preparation to drinking.


Estelle is passionate about promoting Chinese culture, customs, art and craft but in a unique way.


Everything is a story, has a story. 60 Goose Gate might be the place where the wind might live…

Estelle Liu  has come all the way from Yaan in Schichuan famous for wonderful tea, spring water and pandas. She studied here and decided (with support from her mum) to integrate the idea of Tea Ceremonies as a way to unwind, reflect and connect with simple slowness and flavours.

Nottingham is a city of stories: Estelle thinks that everything is a story. August Moon Tea combines Estelle’s love and knowledge of teas and authentic Chinese craft and culture with a gentle way of connecting with people from all walks of life.

August Moon Tea is a great name: every year for the last 3000 years, the August Moon celebration has become a Chinese tradition connecting Chinese people wherever they are with a spiritual and magical notion of reunion, rebirth and resolution.

It was meant to be: we are so lucky to have her!

The Process (opencity interpretation of a Tea Ceremony Friday morning 20th January 2017)

We are comfortable

There is a wonderful feeling of being invited to participate, connect

The environment is full of old things, beautiful old things

We talk

Put the kettle on (Estelle)

Boil the water

We talk

Warm pot to help release the tea flavours

We talk

Empty pot

We talk

Put tea in the pot

We talk

Water to wash the tea, wake up the tea

We talk

Pour the water out

We talk

into a Fair Mug to serve (serve the the tea equally)

Drink it: we drink green tea and we drink lapsang souchong

We have talked about china and tea and work and trade and people and

It’s spirit lifting!

Two amazing hours where I feel I want to understand Chinese culture and help this business grow.

Thank you Estelle


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