Smoking Geographies Published by Wiley 2017

Ross Barnett Adjunct Professor of the University NewZealand

Graham Moon Professor of Spatial Analysis University of Southampton

Jamie Pierce Professor of Health Geography University of Edinburgh

Lee Thompson Senior Lecturer at university of Otago New Zealand

Liz Twigg is a Professor of Human Geography University of Portsmouth

Smoking Geographies is the another take, broader and epidemiological, published this year.

I read June’s article on Sunday 4th February 2017 and want to share it with you. After 43 years I stopped smoking because I realised some of the things in this article, as well as the fact that the supply chain for cigarettes is full of risk and links to organised crime, we don’t know (and no-one really publishes) what’s in cigarettes. What do you think?

June Thunderstorm, writing in The Baffler with the support of the Economic Hardship Reporting Project,

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