John Spellar MP: let’s get the electoral register full of our voters: no drop offs!

Above: John Spellar opening D Smith’s new 3D corrugated automotive packaging facility (below the world’s first corrugated car on site, see below)


John Spellar is an active parliamentarian and MP for Warley in the West Midlands. Like a shining diamond for the electoral system that I really believe in (see my article), John attends parliament, speaks and votes and is campaigning  hard for local people to ensure that constituencies like Rushcliffe and Nottingham as well as other authorities do right by their citizens and do everything in their powers to ensure that as many people as possible vote. He doesn’t agree with the recent news story about electoral fraud as the reason for making registration harder!


John says schools and colleges  could be contacted by local authorities and it could become the norm to enrol and register. The Youth Parliament  perform well in parliament but not so well in their local communities. Why? What is preventing their voice being heard?

Now is their opportunity to begin to use social media to really connect and interconnect with the importance of voter registration and seeing the community value of citizenship teaching Good luck John. I’ll certainly do something to ensure that people I know and see think carefully before they throw away their vote! I want to see parliamentary democracy really working. don’t you?



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  1. This is something I’ve been thinking about (at least) since October 2015


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