Elevate: Robert Carvalho Means You!

Birmingham multi instrumentalist Carvalho has released Elevate through French based label Springbok and you can listen here

Elevate is Robert’s personal journey through from the diaspora, with Dance music, Afro beat, Soulful House, Garage and Brazilian Samba influences, composed in the Robert Carvalho focussed, joyful and careful tribute style.

From his first release of ‘All The things You know to be True‘ in 2013 on Versify, Robert has continued to develop and collaborate, growing followers and style.  Elevate follows Soul New which was released January 2017 via South African label and producers DeepCon Soul to great feedback and reviews locally and internationally.

Like Ikea with their Wonderful Everyday marketing (It’s clear that for every new day Robert Carvalho is a musician for life for every life.

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 17.59.05


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