The Contribution That Trent Uni Teachers And Students Are Making To Social Change in Nottingham…Notts TV and more

Above: sunonanopencity by Martyn Williams Photography

Notts TV debate is great when you’re doing the ironing: for some reason it came off sky channel 117 in September (competition?). It makes me laugh that there are many great people with the gumption to rehearse ideas, plans and thoughts with people from different walks of life. It’s a great scaffold and we need more of this, more of the time, for more people.

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Above: Rev Vanessa Hollingsworth from Hucknall, Christian Weaver member of the Youth Parliament and newly qualified barrister, from Carlton, Frances Finn (not sure where she’s from), Chris Bulaitis, restauranteur of the Ever So Sensible group (nor him) and Serena Simmons, NTU Lecturer in Psychology and acclaimed coach, from Sneinton.

I’d watched the hilarious connection between Serena Simmons and the extraordinary local social entrepreneur,  Marcellus Baz on TV Serena teaches psychology and runs a coaching process called APE Psychology which is wacky yet insightful and accessible. Perfect for anyone who wants to get better at living, working and relating to others in a professional context. She is such an openhearted woman full of beans and yet completely adult in her understanding of what might work and make a difference.

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Above still from APEathy Benefits of Play Video Serena having fun coaching…

Newly qualified barrister Christian Weaver is already making a great contribution to the Nottingham Youth Parliament, supporting initiatives such as the Kenny Report 1, Report 2, and Report 3 The 24 authors of this acclaimed comment on the state of the world young people are negotiating are under 25. Christian and Akil Hunte, (President of The New Black Society) together organised the phenomenally impactful University Hate Crime debate which is documented on Clive Foster’s brilliant blog