Reconstruct, Reconstruct, Reconstruct: We Need New Houses and Jobs and Futures

Here we are in 2018…Coming up 2021 Coventry will be the next European  city of culture.

Above the interior of Coventry Cathedral designed  and delivered by Sir Basil Spence, architect, consecrated 1962, the  previous cathedral bombed in November 1940 originally built in the 14th century and the exterior of the replacement.

Nearby  is Wolverhampton, in 1903 the birth place of the massive house and road building King Kong (Tarmac) that for years and years and years covered the green and pleasant land with tarmac after the second world war: creating a powerful lobby for motorways that led to the closing down of the rail branch line network and a developer rather than architect led notion of what house building and social housing should be…. think of why Grenfell Tower caught fire when you think about how Carillion crumbled..was it because the people inside (and outside) the company blew a whistle, or, with the demise of Carillion (and possibly Capita and many other framework providers), are we really just seeing a new metamorphosis of these same old risky forms of managing work and development?

Above: The end of the King Kong Carillion kind of development approach? Disused railway branch line in Sheffield,  architect Stefano Baero’s first tree covered social housing project, Grenfell Tower (and Notting Hill Methodist church).