Beyond A Stuck Society: New Laws: GDPR, The Data Protection Bill, Automation, Freedom Of Speech: We Need To Talk With Everyone (And Do Something)

Featured Image: Property: Lionel Shriver’s new book Property

We’re all really trying hard at the moment to create a dynamic, transformative economy throughout the whole of the UK  that re-places us in the world and moves away from an over dependence on the ability to purchase a property as a source of identity, status, stability, safety and security. Having a secure place of your own to pass on to your children is brilliant. Relying on property as the only safe source of investment has created consequences that noone wanted or foresaw. 

What’s shocking is how easy it is to create a better environment. Let people have lifetime tenancies, let the value of a property be accrued in a future that creates a vision for everyone: should all landlords pay half a property’s council tax to show commitment to the project of letting? Not for a Melrose industries notion of a long term but over a twenty or thirty year period?

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Here’s the team at Melrose Industries who are all men of the same class, ethnicity and high earning capability who have won the war against the management buy out team at GKN because they have appealed to the anxiety of the shareholders.

It’s not their fault that they’re so privileged and successful but someone, somewhere, needs to be creating checks and balances on the gaming of the british economy by a group of people who only know how to do one thing because doing just one thing in a particular and unscrutinised way unbalances so many other things for so many others.

To move away from this one sided view of the world, it’s very easy for legislation to structure some reciprocity back into social relations.

GDPR in the next post….(it won’t be the last, I’m sure!)