The Work of Artist Jeannie Clark: The Body Is A Pen And The Water Is Like Ink

Featured image and below: Swimming in The Mind experiments with collagraphs, lithography, sound and water .

​I first noticed the work of Jeannie Clark (this image, particularly) at the Lady Bay Arts Festival (19th 20th May).

A poster of this image was on the door and above an ad for her work. I loved it straight away. The following week I got the chance to go to the Open Studios exhibition and met her with Kate Hooper (print and mixed media).

Jeannie’s work takes print and oil painting to a new level, a new depth: rinsing story out of media, cleansing word and image: it’s writerly work, yet painterly and musical too: a bold way of taking the subject on a journey through a media, through a medium that sings history, woman, man, culture….