RE: Worldbuilding – can sci-fi help build a better world?

I think you bring back the possibility of dialectical culture and it’s inspiring: I went to the Science Fiction course you ran at Nottingham Contemporary in 2010 (I can’t believe that was eight years ago!) and it was prophetic (The Man in the High Castle, for example. What that made me realise is that when you’re connected to some of the important bits of knowledge and information you can share that and change so much. Well done and keep on writing, thinking, researching and taking good care of the things that really matter (in time and space!)

Damien Walter

Science shows us how the world is built. Can science fiction help us build a better world?

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The Blue Marble

Astronaut Jack Schmitt released the shutter on the 70 millimeter Hasselblad camera at 5:39 AM on 7th December 1972. The Apollo 17 mission to the moon was 45,000 kilometers from Earth. The image that it captured was not the first of its kind. Other photos of Earth had been recorded by previous space missions, but none so clear and potent as this one.

“The Blue Marble”, as it would later be nicknamed, shows a fully illuminated Earth of white clouds, blue oceans and the continental landmasses of Africa, the Arabian peninsula, and the south polar ice cap. For hundreds of thousands of years, humankind lived on Earth’s surface. Now we could look back and see Earth as a whole, like a child’s marble, shining against the…

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