“Designing isn’t only about making new designs. Experiments, adventures and dreams should be realized in all areas of life, woven together to create a rich and interesting journey. This is something I aspire to and I am looking for ways to encourage others with.” Textile Artist Marja Hämäläinen

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Featured Image:  Marja Hämäläinen 2019 biologia_cotton

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Above: Textile Artist Marja Hämäläinen that I met at Minor Oak in November 2016

A few days ago, I was browsing Linkedin and Marja had posted about creativity, retaining your beginner’s mind, always looking at things with a fresh eye so you can use your creative experience and developing skill to always find something new. I was attracted to this poster that she’d headlined her post with:

be curious_rainbow hues
Be curious text in lime yellow and turquoise hues with blended pastel rainbow hues and dots.

You can buy the poster on her Red Bubble shop.  Living and working in Nottingham, she’s really onto something wonderful. The beauty and variety of her work, the way she combines curiosity within art, science and craft in her work is spiritual: it’s finished but always in process, in progress.

Marja is self–taught and has been creating art in different forms throughout her life. Her work is shaped by a vivid dream life, exposure to different cultures and a love and interest of science and nature.

A practical industry background in home textile, fashion accessory design and manufacture has enabled her to think in and across disciplines so any of the designs you see here will have involved photography, painting, drawing, digital manipulation which Marja turns into a print ready file.

Learning surface design in the last eight years combined with industry insights and experience has enabled her to reach new international opportunities: her curious, creative practice means Marja is as happy working with start ups as established fashion brands.

Watch this space: her future plans include setting up her own shop to sell fabric and wall art. (Yes please!!!!)

Contact Marja for design expertise in surface pattern design as well as a full range of art services, including commissions and licensing.