Signsofanopencity: An October That Brings Re-Presentation For Everyone….

The end of the summer and throughout October are annual dates when we affirm, debate and challenge the world taken for granted around us and speak truth to power through political, social and historical discussion and debate.

If you listen to what the parties aspire to then you’ll realise that we really need to connect what they’re trying to do with the mechanism of parliamentary democracy that old evolving thing that we pretend we’re too grown up for.

Let’s not frighten people away from voting with technologies (face recognition, voter id), let’s realise that we should plan for less crime, not more, more social inclusion, not less, new ways of manufacturing, working, training and living that makes people smile, that changes the supply chains across the world and restores faith in pretty darned wonderful humans who keep on believing in better, not just for themselves and their nearest and dearest but for everyone.

Labour, SNP, Conservative, Liberal Democrats, Green, We should never be afraid of that because that’s where we find justice, sometimes, as Winston Trew Sterling Christie, George Griffiths and Constantine “Omar” Boucher understand as well as anyone, it’s a long time coming.

October is Black History month, the month when we remember everyone in the country is always and has always been here.  It’s a moment across the country that lets the light in on the stories, lives and movement across the world that has built and created the civilisation we all aspire to and need.



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