The Whole World In The NHS That Boris Can Re-Evaluate: (Scrap Justin Time And Profiteering In The Health Service, Abolish NHS Student Tuition Fees Please)

Featured Image: Boris on Twitter in Full Flow After Discharge From St Thomas’s Hospital 12th April 2020

Here’s a thing now Boris is out of danger: let’s make the NHS smaller, local and accountable to the diverse communities that bring so much history, knowledge and experience to Britain. Let’s get rid of over powerful individuals like ‘Food Baron Justin Time’ in the NHS and his wealthy compadres that ask all of us to volunteer while they steal the market in food provision with a chilling chemistry that moves somewhere beyond food and is mainly thrown away (would they eat it or wish it upon their family, parents or even second cousins?)-No!

Boris got nourished while he was in hospital: health, spiritually, socially. And he got well again. So should we all whoever and wherever we are. Our attributes are far greater than those currently ascribed to us in healthcare settings. Boris is more than a mere PM even though he and we have been socialised to believe in status as a goal. The truth is that as a society we haven’t been treating everyone equally for much too long, hence the sudden importance and prevalence of ‘unseen/uncharted/underlying conditions’ in the COVID 19 period.

At the moment before we ‘know’ the people who are patients or who want to work in the NHS we teach the language of compliance and austerity to justify ways of operating and working with and for the many in society that are unacceptable. We teach that before we reach out, trust and learn from the moment, in ‘real time’ that they must first accept that the range of their knowledge, history, experience that they bring must be curtailed. The priority is ‘manage expectations’ in a culture of austerity and there are brownie points, awards and honours in our society for good self, environment and people management. But really this is about protecting those who are profiting from the markets in and around the NHS and we need to move on from this.

What we need to do is to make peace with diversity: move on from the notion that our economy is a mass thing that needs to be controlled by the kind of military reconstruction methods used after the second world war and start to give credit and recognition to the knowledge, history and experience coming to us, every day, in every way from the hundreds of different nationalities in our communities and health services.

What we’ve done though is allowed too many people to be improperly screened, charted and communicated with in the health service because it’s too expensive and too overtly politically radical. We’ve integrated ‘depersonalisation’ instead of a myriad future so that everyone going onto a dementia ward, doctors, nurses, food operatives, cleaners, porters, families and volunteers have been pre-prepared, pre-trained to read the signs of social de-capacity and de-enfranchisement as an individual or even genetic trait: it’s hopeless to help those you can’t help rather than build capacity and hope wherever you go which is what and where health lives.

Taking away capacity, possibility, potential or the chance that things might just turn out for the better away from people and learn to be moral arbiters of who ‘deserves’ care and who just doesn’t.  Really all this is doing from generation to generation is to perpetuate  ‘austerity profits’ for Justin and the crew, a privilege that is just as underprivileged as the underprivilege we all see/read about and experience: to be locked in a silo of privilege or underprivilege makes us all less well.

Britain needs to see everyone having access to hope and a future, not an environment where some people have been turned into ‘hopeless cases’,  not hospital wards where people described as red 3, green 1, blue 2  are served Food Baron Justin’s (properly labelled but actually heat blasted plastic covered chemical) concoction that becomes part of a process that determines lives, from ‘communities’ so they don’t get above themselves and ask for smaller, or different or more…..

Let’s make the kitchens and the environment of every hospital after Corona beautiful, welcoming and rich in the potential of who we are as a country.  Let’s stop de capacitating the many so the few can exploit the morality that ‘we should volunteer’ (and have no expectation of reward, except the dystopic reward that you’ve observed what happens in the NHS but you’re supposed to keep mum because ‘careless talk costs lives’). Why should we be thinking that volunteering should create the capacity that ‘Justin’ and his ‘smart’ friends have asset stripped to some island like the Caymans?

Britain is great but not because it makes the workers and patients in it invisible, Britain is great because we should be pulling in the vast treasure of the many nationalities who work and live here, as doctors, nurses, ordelies not to turn them into some weird kind of ‘Brit hybrid’ that can pass a citizenship test that most British citizens (including Boris, Dominic and Priti, Rishi would fail, as would I) but to recognise how their knowledge, culture, history and experience should be given credit: here I go with some figures.

Imagine how if we were able to read the stories of everyone here and create a new kind of currency, a new kind of value that could transform the local, the hospital into a place of civilised 21st century care for everyone here: just WOW! (Source House of Commons Library):

Afghan 133

Albanian 110

Algerian 93

American 1288 (How is this ethnically broken down? Why is this expressed nationally?

Australian 2132 (How is this ethnically broken down?)

Austrian 345

Bangladeshi 684 

Barbadian 114

Belgian 403 

Brazilian 423 

Bulgarian 1090

Burmese 365

British 1,021,257 (How is this ethnically broken down? Why is this expressed as a ‘monoculture?’

Bruneian 57

Cameroonian 284

Canadian 919

Central African Rep 77

Chinese 839

Colombian 123 

Congolese 178

Congolese 735   

Croatian 271  

Czech 721  

Cypriot 424

Danish 391 

Dutch 1785

Egyptian 1608

Eritrean 172 

Estonian 177

Ethiopian 107

French 1664

Fijian 57

Filipino 18,584 

Finnish 394

Gambian 234

Gambian 1,090   

German 2427

Ghanaian 2570

Greek 3194

Grenadian 63

Guyanese 158

Hong Kong 114

Hungarian 1305

Indian 21,207 

Indonesian 64

Iranian 331

Iraq 333   

Irish 13,320 

Israeli 60

Italian 6396  

Ivorian 53  

Jamaican 1884

Japanese 264

Japanese 1,288   

Jordanian 177 

Korean 61

Kenyan 742

Latvian 535

Lebanese 59

Libyan 162

Lithuanian 1344

Malawian 232

Malaysian 2298

Maltese 342

Mauritianan 240

Mauritanian 1,278   

Mexican 63

Moroccan 64

Motswana 54

Norwegian 270

Nigerian 6770

Nigerian 839   

Niger(ien) 183

Nepalese 1760

New Zealander 663   

Pakistani 3975

Peruvian 51

Polish 9272

Portuguese 7178

Romanian 4451

Russian 175 

Rwandan 48

Saint Lucian 103

Serbian 81

Sierra Leonean 519

Singaporean 402

Slovak 859

Slovenian 158

Somali 264

South African 1663

Spanish  5899

Sri Lankan 1329

Sudanese 598   

Swedish 735

Swiss 169

Syrian 165

Tanzanian 148

Thai 313

Trinidadian 613  

Tunisian 48

Turkish 198 

Turkish 859   

Ugandan 516


Ukrainian 742   

Venezuelan 55

Zambian 466

Zimbabwean 4049