DEC (not yR End or the 15 charities set up in 1963 to provide Humane Aid in war): it’s our Dryden Enterprise Centre nurturing, Regenerating People, talent, business across our world

Featured image: The DEC NTU’s enterprise centre: Martine Hamilton Knight

Dryden Enterprise Centre is the DEC.

Designed by the team at Evans Vettori see Architect’s Journal article.

Nottingham Trent University’s newest building on Dryden Street (Evans Vettori modernised the Waverley building in the city 1997 and the heart of the campus at Clifton and then Brackenhurst campus reception centre).

Built by Henry Brothers (established in 1975 in Londonderry) during the pandemic (that’s a real achievement) the idea for a purpose built centre for enterprise has been a long time in coming: in 1995 Franklin Ellis had introduced plan similar to Evans Vettori’s but it wasn’t developed. The Hive was based in the NTU Maudsley building, the upper floor contained the ideas and business incubator space designed by Thomas Cecil Howitt (who designed the Newton building and the Council House).

It’s fascinating to realise that after the second world war that houses along Dryden Street were demolished to develop Trent Polytechnic and the cobbled and mosaiced streets were laid by Italian prisoners of war on day release from camps in Nottingham (see the community history website)

Above: the Dryden Street Terraces demolished to make way for post war educational and skill expansion
The mosaic of Dryden Street laid by Italian prisoners of war after terraced houses were demolished to make way for the development of Trent Polytechnic

The building used red brick to fit in with the existing victorian architecture (400 new council homes in 2014 were built using Denton Manchester redbrick by Wates Living Space)

Listen to Evans Vettori (that’s Robert Evans (Founding Director)Dan Greenway (Co-Director) Gareth Puttock (Associate Architect)Elle Thompson (Architectural Assistant)John Evans (Architectural Assistant)Maddie Rutherford-Browne (Architectural Assistant)Mike Hawkins (Architectural Consultant) talking about the build.