Getting to know the West bridgford vegan Market Traders (3)

Featured Image: UnStudio’s Reinventing Spaces: Placemaking Through Participatory Culture

The Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust came to the vegan market at Lutterell Hall on the junction of Church Drive and Bridgford Road in West Bridgford on 21st May to present the success of two projects: placemaking in Nottingham with their successful petition to green the Broad Marsh redevelopment in the city centre and the reintroduction of beavers after a four hundred year absence.

The Wildlife Trust has been at the heart of the green environment placemaking petition.

Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust Brand Ambassador
Sign up for the UK’s biggest nature challenge!

30 Days Wild is The Wildlife Trusts’ annual challenge where everyone is asked to do one wild thing a day throughout the month of June.

Sign up on the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust website to receive a pack – either through the post or via email (business pack only available digitally) – and receive lots from the trust to inspire you.

Eden Nibbles: how I healed my own body Adri Griffiths (contact through Instagram)

Delicious bespoke (and pure) products.

Eden Nibbles Adri Griffiths: healthy and nourishing sweets for everyone

Adri found a way to create nourishing sweets that would help her overcome candida overgrowth. She found her symptoms disappeared.

She uses pure ingredients such as sunflower seeds, coconut, chocolate cacao beans. As she’s self taught wants to keep everything as natural and pure as possible. Five star hygiene award. (Amazingly, she’s just received a massive website order which is really motivating in the last week from Gloucester and Surrey(!)).

Adri works through Instagram Facebook and vegan market networks and uses Sum Up for all of her transactions: it’s great. While on Adri’s stand, I noticed that she was promoting the work of artist writer/poet Jules Wheat 

Jules Wheat 

A great present for someone who supports and cares about the spirit: contact Jules Wheat 07583664607
Adri Griffiths friend Jules Wheat takes commissions contact: 07583 664607

Sally Dowsing: La Boheme

Sally loves travelling and wanted to bring ethical clothes and jewellery designed in Pushkar in Rhajistan back to the UK.

Above: Pushkar in Rhajistan

To get her business going Sally took a small loan and built her contacts and suppliers by word of mouth. Working with the same families for five years gives her the opportunity to visit the factories in Pushkar where as a matter of course the clothes manufacturers and jewellery give a percentage of their earnings to people without stable employment. Sally donates also.

La Boheme clothes at the Vegan Fair West Bridgford 21st May 2022

Be Outsider limited edition jewellery/pieces

Be Outsider: Limited Edition Jewellery and pieces

Dexter Morgan Tracey Middleton: Be Outsider The business started at the beginning of this year their plan is to go travelling in a van throughout the uk then… perhaps, further afield. Tracey and Dexter’s business is to be an ‘unusual jeweller’ where they find limited edition pieces, market them and then…… find more, creating value for their customers wherever they go. The idea is to stay interested…creating interest… always finding new pieces so their customers have a piece that’s bespoke.

Tracey used to sell jewellery in the past and previously worked in council cctv. Dexter worked in a warehouse and photography. He does the marketing, social media and website.

Origin Kitchen is a family business run by Leah and Sam Brownlight and they do cashews…!

Sam went vegan because he believed the ethics (but also loved creamy, rich, food) and could find nothing to satisfy his craving.

So he began his serious researches, experimenting with cashew nuts because they’re delicious, creamy and nutritious. Today there are two products Cashew Nut Spread and Cashew Nut Mousse. (Cashew is still his favourite!).

Origin Kitchen market research started in London at local markets: people liked product straight away. There was a Covid slow down but the family got together and his brother pitched to small shops and, as a family, decided to move to Nottingham.

Origin now have a factory (where the whole family work and have one locally recruited worker, Lewis recruited by the Kick Starter project) Origin is working hard to supply products to distributors to health food stores and currently have 250 customers.

Wendy Barker Essential Vegan

Wendy Barker StudioPot Wholefoods

Wendy has been baking vegan for many years as her son and the whole family are dairy intolerant. The range is pure, wholesome and developing all the time. There’s porridge….

and brownies, millionaire shortbread and…cookies….no samples left….

Studio Pot: The Essential Vegan: granola and truffle brownies, millionaire shortbread + a few crumbs… at the Vegan Fair Lutterell Hall West Bridgford May 21st 2022

Manfood from Huntingdon contact:

Manfood is about the kind of pickles, chutneys and condiments that bring absolute joy and contentment to a meal, food event or a treat you want to give that’s really very special.

It’s run by Andre and John: both love food, Andre was a buyer for Harrods and Selfridges and took his husband’s challenge to create the perfect picallili. Always one for a challenge Andre took the vegetable walk to make the perfect pickle. Beginning with Piccalilli, he then developed recipes for Bread and Butter PicklesSmoked Tomato Sauce and Ale Chutney. Since then they’ve developed a wonderful range of delicious chutney, sauce and pickle.

At the vegan market, Lutterell Hall, West Bridgford on 21st May 2022 they brought the Janda range which are dairy and egg free. (Janda is an amalgamation of their names).

Here’s the Janda range: Korean Barbecue Sauce, Soy Chilli and Garlic Sauce, Vegan Wasabe Mayonnaise, Smokey Garlic Mayonnaise, Egg Free Mayonnaise, Facon Relish, Buffalo Sauce, Burger Sauce, Vegan Passionfruit Spread, Dairy free Salt Caramel, Vegan Lemon Spread. John and Andre janda range plant based manfood mixture vegan non vegan

we love


Scenturion Oudora Extraordinary and wonderful vegan fragrance at West Bridgford Vegan Market Lutterell Hall May 2022

Scenturion Oudora will be ……massive….you’ve heard it first here.

This exquisite marriage of vegan ethics, formulary and designer husband and wife research, attention to British and French manufacture is the beginning of a wonderful future.

Farida and Abid Ashraf started to think about vegan musks and perfumes ten years ago. It was soooo difficult to find vegan arabian oils and musks. As a formulary scientist with a perfumier husband they worked and worked and worked to create a dual Made in UK and France brand. Try, buy, share with family, friends and colleagues…they’d love your feedback and how their perfumes could be a brilliant addition to your event or party. Get with the vegan base notes… well and prosper!