Remember melania’s lack of care? well, in Rushcliffe we really do care-such fun was had Sat 25th june 2022

Featured image: We Really Do Care T Shirt: and at our Rushcliffe organised and supported Proms in the Park it’s clear we do!

Saturday’s prom in the park the great annual Rushcliffe bringing a brimming community together, getting better every year: although it had been a very hectic week I was really glad I went.

West Bridgford Rock Choir: you can join and if you want to teach there are often opportunities……

Proms in the Park in West Bridgford!

I arrived around 5.15 and thought it would be great to record the aural atmosphere. At first you can hear the background voices of people, laughing, talking then at 1.37 you can hear the most lovely choral harmonies from the West Bridgford Rock Choir

Looking forward, there’ll be a Lark In The Park in August as every year and when you realise how this great event really sprung from the year in, year out efforts of people like Sharon (Wigs) Scaniglia (who now works at Artspeak: Art, Activities and Friendship) and ex Rushcliffe Mayor’s Secretary Ruth Fulford who, in 1988, through their love of bringing people together through drama, music, performance set up the ‘Lark in Bridgford Park’. It was this persistance to use public space for gatherings at a time when there was no money to organise events, (when the park itself had been threatened for development which is hard to believe now(!)) that has evolved into the regular Prom that we all love and look forward to.

We should always remember people like Ruth, Sharon and, if people remember, the shop local energies of West Bridgfordian Karina Wells?

All these years later we’re all benefitting from their efforts as well as the efforts of the people we were celebrating: The Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre Benevolent Fund, 209 Squadron, The Royal British Legion and from West Bridgford attending on behalf of everyone who give their lives to the armed services.

Rob Lea and UK Queen Tribute Band Majesty headlined a day which included Nottingham Concert Band, The Tuneless Choir, Music for Everyone, Nottingham Youth Band, The West Bridgford Liberty Singers, the Rock Choir and acapella 1940s group Abi and the Tasty Mooresels.

It was a joy to be there.