Just say No to charles murray’s shock-jock sociologies

Charles Murray is an American right wing shock-journalist activist, nurtured and paid to become a sociologist propagandist for conservative eugenics over the last forty years.

Murray began his transatlantic campaign during the Thatcher/Reagonmics era when the idea of how restricting the capacities, representation of working class people through agency, gig and gang labour under/overemployment and revolving door landlord evictions became the norm here under our silent watch. We need to pull back our own granular understanding of UK neighbourhoods and test American academics and their research much more rigorously before deciding to fund ‘more neighbourhood initiatives’. It’s time to speak to the people in the neighbourhoods, invest in their future capacities and give up on lazy eugenic theories which justify inaction.

Charles Murray wrote about the ‘underclass’ in the 1980’s and 1990’s arguing that working class women should have their fertility restricted as they were genetically inferior. When you consider the misogyny against women in the US: I wonder was he really thinking this class should be a service/servant class?

When you think about the call and response across the Atlantic between the (privatised) developing test tube culture here for professional women forced to pay from the 1980’s onwards, you can also see how and the seemingly unrestricted fertility of working class women, especially young working class women who got pregnant in such an irresponsible way has created a ground that many people (except those looking for the truth) have extracted and profited from.

You realise that all the media we’ve had in the last forty years has played to stereotype and never the truth.

Professional women pay a massive price for success: lack of fertility is part of that. It has nothing to do with genetics it’s to do with having no control over the quality of your life and its impact on your hormonal routine. Working class women have been targetted by the media as part of the hate campaign against the working class without understanding that this, too is part of the lack of control over the quality of your life.

The people who make money out of these poisonous stories are the purveyors of expensive test tube treatment and people who believe that there shouldn’t be a progressive, representative democracy that can use its insights to evolve a layer of local representation in the economy that would take all societies forward. EEh by gum we don’t half hate women in this representation of the world.

We now call the underclass the under-commons and realise that people who once had an identity as a definite working class have been under economic, social and cultural erasure in the market orientated transatlantic ideologies since 1979, ideologies that firmly lodged opinion and ideology about the nature of the human in an environment that carefully structured worthiness and even genetics around elite and mass markets.

The last forty years of market de-regulation that has really harmed the health, wellbeing and stability of the economy in the UK, the US and Europe.

In all of these geographical areas people have been pushed out of their neighbourhoods, out of the space where intergenerational relationships, shared experiences, culture would allow them and their children to flourish. 

Even if the kinds of direct harms that working class and inner city neighbourhoods have experienced are less obvious and present in  rural and more affluent neighbourhoods, in every UK home and neighbourhood, there’s an underlying sense that these harms have becalmed us all. A Bermuda offshore triangle of dementia capitalisms: neighbourhoods robbed of community history, security and self respect. 

The kinds of activities that would mitigate against harm are simple: shared cultural events, fashion, arts, dance in all its forms: we need to create a neighbourhood environment that reflects the histories, culture, stories of people who live, work and come into every neighbourhood. 

But you can’t do these things when you don’t know where your next job is, how much it will pay, when it will end or when your latest landlord will put up the rent and decide which form of termination you warrant: Section 21 (no fault or Section 8 breaking the terms of the tenancy). 

Let’s bring the truth to more people, more of the time: let’s hear their truths.