Stuart, Dom and Scott MTVH’s Pinnacle garden Contractors

Featured Image: Metropolitan Thames Valley (MTVH)’s Pinnacle contractors Stuart and Dom (and Scott not in view) part of the groundworks team working under Metropolitan’s Richard Warriner and Pinnacle’s Mark Varley.

I talked to Stuart to get an idea of what he enjoys about his work.

Stuart’s interest in growing things started with his grandad who encouraged him on his allotment. Stuart has also worked for Streetwise and saw the organisation grow: he surprised me by saying that Streetwise own part of Buckfast Way allotments but they’re not growing the fruit trees and produce that they could be…..if you’d like to know more about allotments get in touch with Rushcliffe.

Above West Bridgford Horticultural Society’s best kept allotments

Stuart, (Dom and Scott) work across the Rushcliffe area: Aslockton, East Leake, Rushcliffe.There are three teams of three in Nottingham and they’ll be working on hedge trimming cutting and collecting grass, leaf clearing, shrub batting, edges sided to kerbs. On the day we spoke the team were working on hedges, lawns every day 7.30-4.00 on Greythorn, Boxley, Walcote Drives and Lutterell Court.

It’s really hard work but he loves the daily satisfaction of the job, the connection with people. In his spare time he runs a maintenance company with a friend: G and S Maintenance: floor laying, house refits…

People working in the community to improve things.