Replacing a boiler? Here’s some useful info from MTVH’s Heating and Property Dept

Featured image: Engineer/Customer Matrix on boiler repair and replacement scheduling via Ian Burrows Heating Manager Property MTVH who attends the MTVH regular Customer Voice meetings organised by Gareth Sears Resident Voice Coordinator and Customer Engagement Lead Nisha Aslam

Above: MTVH Heating and Responsive Repairs Manager Ian Burrows

A Which? survey in 2021 said that half of the householders surveyed (9,700) looked in great detail at the available boilers when they were considering a replacement. Metropolitan Housing (MTVH)’s Heating and Responsive Repairs team share as much information as possible with tenants to give them a real understanding of the urgency of the repair and the criteria used when a decision to replace is made: Age, Flue type, Obsolescence, Parts as well as number of breakdowns. MTVH use Aaron Services (Sure Serve Group PLC).

Above: Matrix used by MTVH’s team and Aaron Services to establish boiler status

When you live in social housing it’s important to understand how things work so you can take responsibility for them: knowing the schedule, the thinking behind the way things work really helps tenants build strong and useful relationships with the teams of people who work so hard to make things work. The Customer Voice Team, the work they’re doing on engagement with the new online platform to report and comment on services, repairs and responses, the new newsletter are all part of a strategy to connect with tenants and to encourage tenants to connect with the wider community and make a contribution to improving things for everyone.

They’re a talented bunch at MTVH.