Featured Image: Pop Press Letterpress Workshop

Artists/printmakers/makers respect their materials and their links to other people. Helen Marten has just won the Barbara Hepworth Sculpture Prize and has shared it with the three runners up. Co-operation and a recognition of co-production and friendship.

David Scarborough and Ming of Pop Press have sponsored a print prize The Midland Printmakers Open (winners were  chosen 9th November):  they chose @handcutshand deconstructivist take on Lithuanian architecture to translate into letterpress. You need to  spend a bit of time to understand what ‘s being made and produced.

Talk to the artists, makers, realise that they are sharing, co-producing but they want to earn a living. If you have knowledge and expertise to share with them don’t be shy, they want to know you, what you think.

Although David and Ming produce their own work, they nurture other artists, they’re all natural teachers, enablers, facilitators and they want to see the flowering of difference and the new. We’re lucky, we just need to remember, especially in November, that we’re here because of the others who can’t be.

@ac_at_maltcross to see the winning entries and more…
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