Images Martyn Williams Photography

Asda, West Bridgford, 4.30 Monday 21st November.  It’s rained all night and day. Well that’s pretty normal in Nottingham in November.

What’s strange is the hysteria surrounding weather that we see in weather apps that are contested and competitive, weather forecasts that are hysterical and big elephants in everyone’s room (like the impact of tarmaccadding over a number of development years that results in such flooding).

No questions in the public domain about why these things happen. Flash flooding and worse. Can we address this and change it if we think about where and how we use tarmac and whether it can be evolved into a much more environmentally friendly substance? An app for that, a process for that? Not just the easy solutions but using technologies to answer the bigger questions and routing funding towards these big questions?

Why are we so keen to build apps but not attend to the streets, paths, pavements? Can anyone build an app called the story of the streets which could be used to look at the ‘problems’ we face and look at games that can help us see these problems more clearly?