Regeneration through the generations

Recruitment means believing in someone. Trust, opportunity and payment for a purpose. It’s a mutual and reciprocal relationship if it’s going to generate more than just profit. We need that realisation just now. Good people who are committed and working towards a better future.

Nottinghamshire is its own talent community in the offline as well as the online world. How to encourage the courage to learn, to change, to train, to develop at every stage of life?

In Nottingham we have a real diversity of people, companies and opportunities beyond our wildest imagination, if we really value who and what we have. Help each other. More. Reach out. More.


Intelligent companies increasingly want to have control over their recruitment, development and retention process, feel that connecting with local people and communities is part of their raison d’être. Much more than add value.

It’s part of regeneration and how innovation can happen.

Does this also place a responsibility onto individuals and groups to know, to learn, to grow their knowledge about the businesses that are here, move here and the people in those businesses?  I’d say yes.

How much do you know about the businesses and opportunities on your doorstep? If you know more about the companies on our doorstep will that help you be more resilient as you go through employment to redundancy or unemployment  to self employment?

Is knowledge of who is here a tool for a better working life?

You don’t have to be a nerd to be interested in the types of business, kinds of business that we now have in Nottingham. It’s part of our education really, throughout our lives but often it’s also like the elephant in the room we can’t see.

Part of the quality of our lives though.

Have you got in-depth knowledge of at least one company? Numbers of employees, what they do, their markets, their history? Knowledge is a heritage tool, it’s on your doorstep, your local inheritance. When you know how they fit in you know more about how you fit in.

The Nottingham top 100 companies includes Manufacturing, Financial Services, Professional services, Telecoms and Technology, Science and medical manufacturers, Retailers, Construction, Health and Social Work employers, Transport and storage companies.

And then there are the micro business, the small businesses throughout the whole of Nottinghamshire, the people who’ve worked in banking, finance, local authorities, teaching, social work, health who say, one day, one month, one year, I can do something better, different, on my own terms. Focussing in on a detail that they can do well, they can excel at, improve.

These businesses and individuals are here and there and everywhere part of the bigger picture that we all struggle to see. Try walking through your own neighbourhood and looking at what’s there.

It might change your life forever.

My thanks to Simon Skill, Chartered Accountant, who inspired me to write this article. Simon is a partner at Higson and Co Chartered Accountants  ‘an accountancy firm that can take you beyond the numbers so you can spend time on what matters, your business’



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  1. The great thing is that I’ve been invited to the annual lecture at Biocity, here is an example of being able to meet and write about the dynamic scientists in businesses in Nottingham. Watch this space!


  2. This was really interesting to write, probably because I know that there’s a real need for people to create their own version of their lives that they can live.


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