Thanks Sarah for bringing much more than dance and barre skill to West Bridgford from Calgary: Sarah in Nottingham (1)

Featured Image: Mother’s Day roses from Sarah Moran to her Monday’s Barre Class at The Fitness Space, Bridgford Road West Bridgford 27th March 2017

Sarah runs the kind of classes that inspire you to try to live in a more balanced and thoughtful way. I’m really glad that The Fitness Space’s Geoff Djann has brought her to us.

Geoff’s an ex UK athlete, Sarah’s danced all over the world, all her life. Both are really engaged with bringing the best of what they know to more people, more of the time.

Above Geoff Djann Manager of The Fitness Space and Sarah Moran Barre and Floor Expert

The class I go to on Monday between 10.30 and 11.30 is a mixture of floor and barre work and I always leave feeling hopeful that I can improve ….

I asked her to write a little about her very interesting life. Her husband is Ice Hockey Playmaker Brad Moran, he’s playing with the Panthers . They’ve moved from Calgary Canada to be here and we’re lucky to have them.

Above: from Calgary to West Bridgford, Sarah and her family in Calgary and an image of Calgary population 1.097 million

Here’s her thoughts, then and now:


I was probably the most homesick girl you could ever know.

Fast forward a few years and I have lived in Vaxjo, (Sweden) Langnau, Switzerland, Linz, Austria, Lappeenranta, Finland, Syracuse, US, Oklahoma City US, Winnipeg, Canada and a boat cruising the Caribbean.

Above images of the paces across Europe, the US and Canada where Sarah and her family have lived, including…the cruising…..

Things have changed a little, I would say. Following my ice hockey playing hubby around the world led me to now call Nottingham home. You can now find me hanging at Bridgford park, The Fitness Space, out tasting Sunday roasts, at the National Ice Centre and eating M & S Cookies.

Above: Sarah’s husband, renowned Playmaker Brad Moran of the Panthers, an April activity at the Ice Centre Sous Chef Dan Coles and Executive Chef Leroy Allen of the Trent Bridge Inn and Easter Cookies

I have faced different challenges, conformed to new cultures, learned new languages, unlearned my own norms, all while growing and working with people from all over the world. I wouldn’t trade these experiences for anything; however because of our living arrangements, I have had to accommodate my dreams and goals in a unique way.

I could no longer commit myself to a position longer than six months and the usual 9-5 wouldn’t work either, being a mum of two young boys. so instead of feeling defeated I decided to do something about it. I started to internally search for what would make me happy, what makes me feel alive and what lights my fire.

Enter the Barre Workout!!! Spending my entire childhood in a dance studio had initially fuelled my love for barre. As a former professional dancer and CFL cheerleader, fitness has also always been part of my life.

After two certifications and studying under a Barre Pro for years, I was feeling ready to take this on. I can still remember using the mike for the first time and being mortified at my own voice. Now I wish I could bring that thins home so that my kids would listen to me.

My Barre studio is warm, modern and just a big happy community of likeminded individuals. I knew that there was a market in Nottingham for barre: the hurdle was just accessing it. Moving to Nottingham in 2016I decided to look around for similar barre classes and had no luck. I decided to rent out a space, hand out some flyers and teach a class to just one person who came. That was a bruiser for the ego let me tell ya.

Fast forward a year: I’ve partnered with The Fitness Space and haven’t looked back. Lesson learned, never give up on something you believe in as there is likely to be one tiny door opening, even if hundreds shut in front of you.

(I think The Fitness Space is pretty special in a talent spotter way, Sarah, Paula)

My high energy, musically motivated class mixes athleticism, grace and the latest workout innovations designed to strengthen the body and the mind. I offer four classes a week, all inspired by dance that blends yoga, pilates and conditioning moves. I like to strive to enable each participant  to not only reach their full potential but also to recognise the mind body connection. Feeling better in you body means more than what you see on the scale. After Barre you will leave the class feeling confident, less stressed and empowered to make choices throughout the day. I focus on individual results and most importantly, FUN!

We are almost two months into the program at the Fitness Space and I have already seen clients progress, made some new friends, (yes, you Paula) and have held that darn Chair position


Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 08.46.02

Above: Chair position Technique Tuesday Blog

for longer than we did in the first class. I am so inspired by each and every person that walks through my class doors.

When I’m not at the Fitness Space you can find me at one of my favourite places here in Notts.

1) 200 Degrees Coffee I LOVE coffee and this place has the best of the best. It’s the perfect temperature, food is amazing and the place just has a cool vibe

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 08.24.48

Above 200 Degrees Coffee Flying Horse Arcade Nottingham just up from the Market Square

2) Sweaty Betty I love buying their gear and wearing it at home in Canada. No-one has it there so it’s a bit unique. The SB girls are lovely and I basically live in Activewear.

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 08.25.28

Above Sweaty Betty Pelham Street

3) All Saints -Another one of my favourite Brit shops. The leather jackets are beautiful, shoes are just cool and dresses are modern. Cha Ching $$ (££ exchange!!!)

4) Bridgford Park Central Avenue-My sons love it here, the older one can play footy and the little guy can swing on the swings. We always run into friends here.

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 08.33.09

Above part of the 924 Edward the Elder Bridge noted in West Bridgford Wire’s Heritage Trail Article.

5) Ugly Bread Bakery– Aside from coffee I LOVE pizza, so this is a place that just nails a good pizza.

Above: Ugly Bread Bakery and their weekday Pizza deal

6) Baresca -Tapas, wine and good friends!!! Can’t beat a Friday night here

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 08.28.35

Above Baresca Byard Lane

7) Royal Concert Theatre -Coming from a Dance background, I can appreciate a god musical. I can never get enough of these.

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 08.36.06

Above The Rambert Dance Company event at the Royal Concert Hall Tuesday 28th March-Thursday 30th March. Tickets are between £15 and £28.50

That’s it guys, thanks Paula for giving us small businesses a great outlet and for bringing your sunshine to my Monday morning classes.

 Good job Team Moran!


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