Nottingham Contemporary has taken a long view on history with the exhibition The Place is Here but like Philippa Perry in her (probably award winning BBC4 programme about Surrealism), where she creates her own pop up bureau of surrealist research, asking people to recall the last dream they had, possibly, the place we’re all seeking, is always, always here.

We just don’t realise that what the Chinese call the ‘lice on the head of the bald man’ could be anyone you don’t notice, any group you can’t get or see and surrealism is an absurd and gentle way of walking in the universe while remaining local and connected.

Chris Lewis Jones is in the thick of a forest of history: artist and activist living the content world in a neighbourhood in the heart of Nottingham.

Chris and Simon Withers are also Nu Urban Gardeners, working across the UK in museums and community spaces to bring a sense of gentle and nurturing growth to these places. Heartfelt.

After these shows, sadly, Simon is leaving the NUGs because of ill health. Chris will continue to garden human care with a sense of humour and proportion common to the human surrealist.

This year they’re at Nottingham Contemporary but mainly Newstead Abbey: they are devising performances, games and new ways of living and working.

These activities bring two weekends of fetes and a weekend of live art.