Local Elections May 4th: What are The Issues? That depends…..The Liberal viewpoint in West Bridgford North, South and West (1)

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Featured image: the new one pound coin Above: David Pearce Walsall Grammar School 15 year old who designed the coin with a rose, leek, thistle and shamrock

Heads or Tails? Yes or No? In or Out? It’s a bit complicated. Here are the liberal candidates for West Bridgford:

Lib Democrats: 3 Candidates Vicky Price (North), Ian Munro, (West) David Turner (South)

Vicky Price West Bridgford North

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lives on Stratford Road with a daughter at West Bridgford Infants. Methodist. Digital librarian Nottingham University. Trade Union rep. Against 14% funding cuts for local schools by 2020. Really concerned for europeans living here. Wants to see the improvement of social care.

Vicky says “a hard Brexit will damage our economic future: I want to retain close ties with Europe so that UK voters feel they have a real say on the final terms of the Brexit deal”

Ian Munro

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Lives on Loughborough Road, has been here 25 years. A grandparent who worked for Heinz, then as an educational welfare officer and managed a multi agency social inclusion team. Advice worker, helping senior residents get to doctor’s appointments. Member of St Georges GP patient participation group.  Working to improve Air Pollution, Flooding and inadequate drains need action. Thinks homelessness and poverty will increase as a result of Brexit. More NHS investment, more HMRC Inspectors to close tax loopholes.

Dave Turner

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Lives on Boundary Road. Married with two sons. Taught at inner city comprehensives supporting pupils with emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Deeply believes in independent retailing: our responsibility not to lose these spaces as well as green places: is opposed to the Sharphill development. Fought to preserve West Park and the Pavilion. Captain of Ruddington Cricket Club. Passionate about keeping profit out of the NHS. Member of the QMC League of Friends.

Issues: 500 people on the Social Housing Register in Rushcliffe The Liberal candidates asked if anyone on the council knows if any people on the register could afford to part rent part buy on the new government schemes?

Before the Arena was opened the liberal councillors made it a precondition that  there should be a pelican crossing on Loughborough Road. Lib Dems were against the opening of a Sainsbury’s at the Melton Road garage.

The Lib Dems want economic subsidies to go to small and eco friendly firms

End Off Shore Tax Havens which the conservatives protect

and Trusts that enable the very rich to avoid paying tax on inheritance.

Below: some Social Housing Providers in Nottingham

The Charity of St Leonard’s Hospital A2233 Payne & Gamage, Solicitors 48 Lombard Street Newark Nottinghamshire NG24 1XP 01636 640649 Non-Profit 13/12/1976 Charity Commission Only
Westmoreland Supported Housing Limited 4772 Cumbria House 147 Trent Boulevard West Bridgford Nottingham NG2 5BX 033 033 37321 Non-Profit 09/07/2013 Companies House Only
The Exaireo Trust Ltd 4838 C/o RWB Chartered Accountants Northgate House Northgate New Basford, Nottingham NG7 7BQ 01509 266422 Non-Profit 13/12/2016 Companies House & CC
Framework Housing Association LH4184 Val Roberts House 25 Gregory Boulevard Nottingham NG7 6NX 0115 841 7711 Non-Profit 10/09/1998 Companies House & CC
Nottingham City Council 00FY Loxley House Station Street Nottingham NG2 3NG 0115 876 5055 Local Authority 01/04/2010
Nottingham Community (Second) Housing Association Limited SL3169 12-14 Pelham Road Sherwood Rise Nottingham NG5 1AP 0845 6501201 Non-Profit 08/06/1981 FCA – Non-charitable
Nottingham Community Housing Association Limited 4817 12 – 14 Pelham Road Sherwood Rise Notts NG5 1AP 0800 013 8555 Non-Profit 08/04/2015 FCA – Charitable
Metropolitan Housing Trust Limited L0726 The Grange 100 High Street Southgate London N14 6PW 020 3535 3535 Non-Profit 14/10/1975 FCA – Charitable

Rushcliffe’s nominated candidates

Bingham East

  • Grocock, Chris (Labour Party)
  • Kerry, Tracey Lindsay (Independent)
  • Mumford, Ian Richard (The Green Party)
  • Purdue-Horan, Francis Anthoney (The Conservative Party Candidate)
  • Weaver, Brian Ralph Edward (UK Independence Party (UKIP))

Bingham West

  • Clarke, Jonathan Neil (The Conservative Party Candidate)
  • Harvey, Alan Robert (Independent)
  • Wallace, Tony (Labour Party)


  • Allen, David John (Liberal Democrat)
  • Butler, Richard Langton (The Conservative Party Candidate)
  • Howe, Keri Tricia (Labour Party)


  • Abbey, Linda Jane (Liberal Democrat)
  • Cottee, John Elliott (The Conservative Party Candidate)
  • Fitzgerald, Kevin James (Labour Party)
  • King, David Alan (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
  • Nicholson-Cole, David Anthony (The Green Party)

Leake and Ruddington

  • Adair, Reg (The Conservative Party Candidate)
  • Billin, Jason Richard (Liberal Democrat)
  • Boote, Debbie (Liberal Democrat)
  • Brown, Andy (The Conservative Party Candidate)
  • Lishman, Yvonne Barbara (Labour Party)
  • Perriman, Stephen Richard (The Green Party)
  • Reedman, Jill Maureen (Labour Party)
  • Wilson, Ian Paul (The Green Party)

Radcliffe on Trent

  • Brady, Stuart James (Labour Party)
  • Cutts, Kay (The Conservative Party Candidate)
  • Khan, Juliette (Liberal Democrat)
  • Wells, Darren James (The Green Party)

West Bridgford North

  • Baker, Timothy Andrew (The Green Party)
  • Plant, Liz (Labour Party)
  • Price, Vicky (Liberal Democrats)
  • Watkinson, Mike (The Conservative Party Candidate)

West Bridgford South

  • Edgerton, Lizzie (Labour and Co-operative Party)
  • Turner, David Charles (Liberal Democrats)
  • Wheeler, Jonathan Gordon Alexander (The Conservative Party Candidate)
  • Whitehead, Ian James (The Green Party)

West Bridgford West

  • Munro, Ian (Liberal Democrat)
  • Richardson, Will (The Green Party)
  • Wheeler, Douglas Gordon (The Conservative Party Candidate)
  • Whittome, Nadia Edith (Labour Party)