Andy (that is his real name), works for Nottingham’s premier eco friendly taxi company, Cloud Cars. he used to work for British Gypsum, (now Saint Gobain).

I’ve been doing some training and don’t drive so Andy and his colleagues have been explaining how they think the world might get better as I go to and from work in Eastwood each day.

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Today Andy stunned me with his idea that we all should feel capable of becoming politicians, of representing the ideas and experiences of living and wanting to improve things.

“I think that ordinary people should be able to become part of the political process to be with MPs in parliament, connecting with their work, making it something they do for normal people who have normal lives. They should get paid for it, too”.

“I mean that the people who go into parliament, elected as MPs should really know where they’ve come from and really be down to earth and proud of their neighbourhood, focussed on what needs to be done.

“We all need to feel that things can get better”.

“If we have politicians who are forced into forgetting who they represent as soon as they arrive in Westminster then they need some check and balance. Having people around them who are focussed and interested in making things work for local people rather than an elite career is vital to make parliament work better for more people, more of the time. Less of the aristocratic one-upmanship, more of the really interesting things that make us all happier, healthier and stronger”.

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