Clothes That Animate Us: Furnishings That Reflect More Than Just Our Aspirations In The World

Above a pair of trousers I think animate and energise your step. I can’t find them though.

Answering questions for me is like chasing things I never expect to find.

Like these trousers. They were in Shortlist Magazine on a website called fiftyplus…but when I searched they weren’t there. I did spend a bit of time following them up but when they weren’t available I stopped looking. For now.

Because I kept the pic. Just like the image of the velvet settee

great settee

I don’t know about you but I think design and aesthetics are there to be found.

They’re inside us and out there too. So when you listen to a podcast about what makes colour and what creates the colours of an age, you can feel a bit like an author of a bit of the world because you’re looking at it in a different way.

How has the development of new colour affected the direction that art has taken? A great question that everyone can try to answer.

Develop your imagination, it’s an oblique muscle.