Under Privileged Eyes: Andy Warhol, Francis Bacon And Keith Piper

Inside The Atrocity Exhibition (The Place is (Always) Here


Like Warholian Turin Shrouds (below Ivory Coast guru heddle pulley used in weaving in Warhol’s collection)

Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 09.20.06

Screaming Like Bacon, Screaming Like Freud

Out of Print

Out of Print

Out of Print

Keith Piper was here though

On that night

to watch the way the eyes (Exhibition I plurals)

rolled over his work

Keith Piper

who’d fought with the idea

the feeling


Above: Detail from Black Assassin Saints (you can’t print on demand from the Sheffield Gallery shop as you can with other works)

the constraints

and powerfully placed the work

as if it was already there

as if

It wasn’t absurd

to be documenting

such atrocity

within the sado masochistic

complex of oppression

as if he wasn’t just having a laugh

at his oppression

because it really matters now

when we look at Andy Warhol


Look at Bacon, Look at Freud

Dead billion air makers

and Keith Piper is still here


Artistic conjurer

Occasionally coming up

to breathe

Poem copyright Paula Anne Sharratt 2017