Mowing Pastures Green: Nottingham’s Best Kept Secret….Gardening Services At The Right Price

Featured Image: Garden Clearance and Maintenance Company Mowing Pastures Green company logo

Donald Trump has created and is remembered for all kinds of words and phrases: yuge, bigly, believe me, we/they, great (as in I will build a great wall), incredible, fake news, tremendous, a lot of money….

Whatever you think about Donald’s understanding and delivery of the presidency, you probably wouldn’t want him looking after your garden maintenance though because  you want someone who cares about what you need and want in your garden.

When it comes to choosing gardening services you want someone who clearly is interested in doing an excellent job, someone who loves nature and the outdoors, is physically fit and enjoys working with their hands, is interested in plants, your garden and sharing and developing that knowledge with you and is comfortable using hand and electric tools.

Lloyd Patterson of Mowing Pastures Green (you’ll see his van with its distinctive logo MPG roadrunner  around Nottingham). The’ve proved to us over the last two years that they can certainly do that, they’re the energetic team at Mowing Pastures Green, they cut our hedge and the hedge next door with great enthusiasm, skill and efficiency.

Above: examples of the work of Mowing Pastures Green, courtesy of Lloyd Patterson!

If your garden needs a makeover and maintenance and you’d like to know more contact LLoyd on 07984414839 or email: