Puretech Window Cleaning: Feet On The Ground: Spirit of Traditional Service Driven Better by Technology

Every window cleaner wants to give you a great service: but think about the men (and women!) who do this demanding job. Traditionally it’s the up the ladder with mop and squeegee (invented by Italian Immigrant Ettore Steccone in 1936). Window cleaning is hard work and like gardening, you see the results as soon as it’s done.

PureTech combine the best the traditional with the use of technology (photo quoting, online ordering). 

Puretech Photoquoting

Working across commercial and domestic sectors they provide regular window and gutter cleaning as well as one-off cleans across most of Nottinghamshire (ask Puretech for a no obligation quote). Puretech are fully insured and always clean your window frames and sills so when the windows are cleaned the whole house looks brighter.

Another useful service is a pre-sale clean. If you’re selling your home are a landlord or tenant often there’ll be viewings where building a comfortable rapport is a really important part of the momentum of house moving. Puretech can clean inside and outside including conservatories and add that sparkle in a professional, reliable and friendly way.

Puretech gutter cleaning is very popular and cost effective. Using a high powered vac there’s an extended reach of up to 45 feet which works beautifully for most commercial and domestic guttering.

With 20 years experience in the whole range of window, gutter and conservatory cleaning Puretech are expert in providing a bespoke service and regularly get great customer feedback .  (I use Puretech and couldn’t be happier). Sometimes traditional methods are the right thing at others Puretech use the purified water-fed-pole systems.

Tim: 07966 255598

Email: tim@puretech-window-cleaning.co.uk