One Day I’ll Write A Comic Soap: (And We Will Be Royally Entertained): Christine Hassall: Art/Design/Photography With Care…Designed With Love

Featured Image: Major Oak charm necklace: Oak theme intertwined with Tibetan Silver Flower Forest Wooden Handmade Heart:  £13.00

Luna and Kiki

Wow! What an economic regenerator through Small Is Beautiful prinicples.

I met Christine Hassall when I temped at Logobrand. They’re a small is human brand agency in the centre of Nottingham. Christine is their marketing executive which means she is involved in writing, content, photography and brand development.

Christine Hassall Logobrand photo

Christine’s got a great eye: with her partner, Chris, she’s set up an online shop: Luna and Kiki dedicated to hand crafting, up and recycling as their basic ways of seeing the world and working: the products are quirky and based on lots of research: a joy to receive and give.

Let her know about your style (or the style of the person you’re gifting) and she’ll produce earrings, brooches (and she will produce for you at a great price), often recycling and upcycling If you have an idea she’ll visualise it deftly and then produce it.

Each design is scaleable and bespoke and Christine is happy to work with individuals, groups and organisations to give your local ‘brand’ the Luna and Kiki care, humour and service. Pop on down to the shop, the prices are amazing!

Above a selection of Christine Hassall’s vibrant work: earrings and planters…the next product design though, could come from you…….?