When You Enjoy Covent Garden Soup, Linda McCartney Mozarella Burgers, Sun Pat Peanut Butter I Bet You Didn’t Think Logobrand……



Everyone’s interested in the supply chain just now and thinking, how can we improve our buying decisions, get great products, information, even, as with Circ4Life at NTU, to participate in Europe wide research projects that connects big data and technology with consumers using brand, radio frequency technology to develop a system where you smartscan products for Eco Points: 

Screen Shot 2019-11-10 at 09.33.32.png

Technologies are changing the infrastructure, enabling everyone to participate and make a difference. We want to know that they’re used to innovate in growing, planting, production, packaging and distribution and that people working in those sectors across the world are respected, have the same rights that we have worked for.

Technology can help narrow the distance between the small (food) is beautiful movement and mass production because we all think we should be growing more, planting more, or if we don’t, supporting local allotments, market gardens, local growers and farmer’s markets.

Nottingham Growing Network 2019

Kitchen gardens around hotels, restaurants are making an impact, the new generation of interior designers (like Amber Arif, from NTU, for example, are stimulated by local arts, garden, bakery hub, Primary. on Seely Road.

And coming out of an early awareness that people power and people powered technology can be used to scale, train staff and manage valued brands for some of the best known supermarkets is gold medal winning local agency, Logobrand.

Field marketing brand awards

Above Left to Right: Jimmy Hayton Strategy,  Cath Rodkoff and team (and This Girl Can Certainly Cycle).  Samantha Foley (Account Manager, Amanda Poxton, (Commercial Director) Sally Davies (MD) (not sure who is next to Sally), Mary Parrish (Marketing Director).

Logobrand won Gold in the recent Field Marketing awards for most effective tactical campaign for Hain Daniels SILVER for Data Capture/Management BRONZE Logobrand – for Haribo sweets.

Hain Daniels (part of Hain Celestial, established in 1993) brands are: Covent Garden soup, Linda McCartney sausages, Hartleys Jam, Cully and Scully Foods (soups, broths, hotpots and pies), Sun Pat peanut butter, Dream drinks, Farmhouse Fare, Frank Cooper, Gales, Johnsons juice, Robertsons, Roses, Sunripe (fresh fruit), Mary Berry, Orchard House (fresh fruits and juices), Yorkshire Provender soups, Clarks maple syrup, Williams (Jams)

Logobrand established the link between technology, consultants from wide ranging backgrounds and brand management way back in 1986.

A small and perfectly formed brand management agency based here in the centre of Nottingham and looking after a third of the UKs  brands, Logobrand are expert in training, supporting and going out of their way to ensure their team of 1500 people can go into stores to deliver point of sale changes, brand news, education and innovation.

Logobrand are now at heart of retail across the UK: their purpose? To maximise human and technological resources but  in a human, practical, can do way that inspires staff customers and clients.

People who care get things done much better than people who don’t or can’t.



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