Above: John Mills Man and Van a simple, straightforward card

As children we learn from parents, relatives, friends, people who are significant to us, to value and collect things, developing an eye for the unusual, the rare, the valuable, the useful that stays with us throughout life. Having a warm eye for objects, people, relationships connects you with people and the world around you: it’s great that we also notice the valuable in people and are proved much more than right many years later.

John Mills (Man and Van Light Removals) kind manner just stood out when I walked past him doing a removal i saw him doing a few years ago in West Bridgford. I complimented him on the way he was working as I went by and on my way back he was in the van, we started talking and he explained a bit about his way of working, that he’d been a miner and had set up the business really when he finished.

He gave me a card: Man and Van Light Removals. I kept it, it was bright, cartoony and lively, put it away, meaning to recontact him, write an article about his experience of mining and his life.

Five years on I needed to move some furniture, I still had the card so rang him, explaining what I needed. John gave me an excellent price and I am really pleased to recommend him to anyone who needs intelligent, sensible, practical help with a move; thanks very much indeed!