Students and Nottingham Community: NTU’s Dryden Street Enterprise centre is for your business skills and development: contact Lauryn Mazzilli events+Marketing: Dryden

The Dryden Enterprise Centre was built during the pandemic to provide a state of the art enterprise, workspace and training centre for Nottingham Trent University students during and after graduation, local start up and hybrid businesses and Nottingham and Derby businesses in the D2N2 geography to have a brilliant connecting space. 

The DEC that Natalie Gasson Mckinley chose for the hybrid Federation of Small Businesses meeting where the Nottingham MP Lilian Greenwood connected with those businesses, didn’t land from nowhere: it has always been the remit of NTU (and Nottingham University) to be connected to the community learning, training, development in the community, for the community.

Nottingham Trent University was formed by the amalgamation of several separate education institutions, the earliest of which was Nottingham Government School of Design which opened in 1843.

In 1970 Trent Polytechnic was formed and in 1975, it merged with Nottingham College of Education with the official name changed to Nottingham Polytechnic in 1988.

In 1992 it became Nottingham Trent University, expanding to innovative combining high quality education with industry focussed research, partnership and economies of scale. This continued when Brackenhurst College merged with Trent in 1999, and in 2015, when Nottingham Trent University oversaw the creation of Confetti Media Group. The links with former adult education colleges like Arnold and Carlton, Clarendon, Broxtowe and South Notts all community and business focussed educators ensure participation and community support.

Since the end of the second world war NTU has supported and incubated creativity and innovation and in the last thirty years through what became the HIVE working as the HIVE for twenty years: the DEC is a tribute to all those individuals and businesses who’ve supported regeneration in Nottingham. 

Since it opened there’s been a fantastic programme of talks, training, opportunity: Saturday Side Hustle courses for students by the Big House and local entrepreneurs and craftspeopleNTU Enterprise run Starting OutExplore How To GrowReady To Scale, and Freelancing courses. If you want to know what’s going on contact Marketing and Events Officer Lauryn Mazzilli:

Below a few courses to give you an idea of what DEC offer: 

BreakThrough and UpScaler: Taster session 15 November 5.00 pm – 6.00 pm

Do you want to know more about the funded support NTU Enterprise offer growing and scaling businesses? 

Join our live Q&A and get your questions answered by our expert Enterprise Advisors, Amanda Stanford and Jane Brown. 

Whether you are a micro business or have a team of 10+ employees, we can support your growth. 

Fight the Fear: Facing your finances Monday 28 November 10:00 am – 12:00 pm 

Finance is essential to any business, yet many entrepreneurs don’t have an effective financial plan or exit strategy mapped out. Are you concerned about your financial situation? Or do you want to be prepared for any challenges? Whatever your reason is, if you’re serious about money, our session is priceless. We are COUNTing on you to be there. 

Fight the Fear: Let’s get legal Monday 28 November 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm 

Running a business is a big commitment – you need to ensure that everything you do is legal and meets every requirement, which can be a hustle. Regulations and rules are constantly changing and one overlooked mistake when you’re busy could lead to big issues (or even stop your business!). If you want to know what to do if you get caught in a sticky situation, this session should be in your diary!

Also, if you’re wanting to explore digital in more detail, you can develop your marketing skills with the Practical Marketing Skills course, commencing 9 November. These course run regularly contact Lauryn for more info.

Delivered through the SAIL (smart and inclusive learning a WEA and ESF funding) project (over four half-day sessions), the course is suitable for anyone who works in communications or those who work for a small to medium sized business who are looking to gain attention from customers.